What is Cropin Technology?-Definition, Efficiency, and More


CropIn Technology is an associate Earth Observation & AI-led AgTech organization that empowers the farming community to ‘Re-imagine Agriculture with Data.’

It is concentrated on serving the world’s ag-ecosystem players to sustainably “maximize their per-acre value” by combining pixel-level information derived from satellite imagination, together with IoT and field intelligence.

CropIn is positioned to interact during a multi-disciplinary approach towards AI, Earth Observation, Agriculture, Meteorology, and pc Sciences.

And also, all collaborating to bring meaningful insight to boost the ag-ecosystem and impact the sustenance of a farmer.


What is the Efficiency of Cropin Technology?

Simplified information gathering through a smartphone app that records activities & milestones. making certain economic operations, lower prices, and higher visibility for your field agents in any respect times

What is the Productivity of Corpin Technology?

Real-time unjust insights change farm management corporations to require deliberate & responsive business choices.

And also, sure thing of amount & quality of yield combined with the reduced price of operations ends up in higher productivity for the companies

What is the Sustainability of Cropin Technology?

Meet today’s agri-needs, whereas strengthening resources for the long run by making a healthy setting, economic profit, and social & economic equity for all and empowering.

The agri within the agri-ecosystem by enabling businesses to profit from unjust insights whereas empowering farmers through consultive & alerts.

What is the Providing of Cropin Technology?

CropIn provides SaaS solutions to 220+ commercial enterprises and various governments and non-government organizations gift in over fifty-two countries.

It allows businesses to leverage technology to drive their digitization initiatives effectively, Compliance, sure thing, property, and Traceability.

And also, CropIn has digitized over five million acres of farmland, enriched nearly two.

One million farmers’ lives, and gathered information on 265 crops and three 500 crop varieties.

And also, CropIn’s product suite allows data-driven farming by connecting all the stakeholders within the Ag-ecosystem.

What Product Collection included in Cropin Technology?

1.     SmartRisk

A prognosticative and prescriptive business intelligence answer leverages agri-alternate information for practical credit risk assessment and loan recovery help.

2.     SmartFarm

A present winning, robust digital farming technology that drives digital strategy and provides complete visibility of resources, processes, and performance on the sphere.

3.     Warehouse

A comprehensive packhouse answer that permits farm-to-fork Traceability and Compliance.

4.     AcreSquare

A novel farmer application that helps corporations move directly with their farmers, share content, educate them and supply consultation.

What are the Solutions in Cropin Technology?

CropIn Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Funding can scale the technology platform ‘ SmartFarm of CropIn in Bharat.

And also, Globally, it’ll expand its reach from three million acres at two million farmers to quite nineteen million actively controlled acres at seven million farmers.

With this capital injection and its more and more made information set, the corporation can develop.

Its’ SmartRisk platform supported by machine learning to attain new field-level crop detection and production prediction levels.

And also, Headquartered in a metropolis and with quite one hundred eighty purchasers in twenty-nine countries.

CropIn allows corporations within the agricultural system to require a data-driven approach through its ground-to-cloud technology platform.

For example, CropIn’s information pool amplifies this “reality on the ground” info with native weather info and high-resolution satellite imagination, that kind of the idea of machine learning.

And also, By analyzing and decoding this information for the 265 crops with nearly three,500 variants on its platform across billions of information points growing daily.

CropIn is building an associate agricultural info road that may sight patterns and predict the long run of the crop highlight risk and the chance for parties concerned in agriculture.

And also, CropIn offers unjust insights in close to real-time to agricultural processors, distributors, price tag suppliers, lenders, and underwriters through its instrumentation genus Apis.

Further,” We tend to believe the founders’ vision to make a world leader in agrotechnology, whereas partnering with varied stakeholders, together with commercial enterprise, agribusiness, finance, and insurance corporations.

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