5 Crypto Banks You Must Know About

Crypto Banks – Cryptocurrency banking has undeniably captured the attention of financial institutions, investors, traders alike. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to attract millions of traders and investors. Crypto banks use digital wallets to hold the funds of people securely and allow them to manage cryptocurrency balance at ease. Below mentioned are some of the leading Crypto banks that have done fairly well in providing exclusive services to the users:


Prominently known as an internet-first banking platform for digital currencies, Ziglu acts as a one-stop-shop for traders. It allows the users to hold more than one type of cryptocurrency in their single account. Along with the regular buying and selling of cryptocurrency, Ziglu offers an app-based ecosystem that can be accessed through Android devices and iOS. Based in London, Ziglu was founded in 2018 and currently has funding of USD 28M with some leading investors.

From “Vala Captial” to “AIV Captial”, this banking platform is backed by valuable institutions. You can invest, earn, spend, exchange through Ziglu with a robust security feature. It does not charge any penalty fees and you can get instant access to it. Furthermore, you can move your money instantly through a Ziglu debit card that acts as a key to unprecedented success.


Specifically developed for government institutions and businesses, Billon is an evolving payments infrastructure based on blockchain technology. Incorporated with an encrypted mechanism, the prospects of integration with banks become significantly easier. It performs a plethora of cryptocurrency-oriented tasks quite efficiently such as managing client accounts, easy transfer through phones and computers, etc.

Headquarter in Warsaw, Poland, Billon was founded in 2012 and currently sits on funding of 16M USD. It has a host of investors in the likes of “Wojtek Kostrzewa”, European Commission, NCRD, etc. The blockchain transformational capabilities are unleashed with Billon under a precisely regulated world. It is conveniently low-cost, open network, and capable of delivering high-performance on any given day. You can be assured of document management, digital cash regulation, and tokenization of data & assets with Billon.


Offering a host of banking solutions to businesses and consumers, SEBA Bank made inroads into the cryptocurrency ecosystem quite dynamically. It provides exclusive banking services and transactions for all the accounts denominated either in fiat money or crypto or at times both. It performs various crucial functions like liquidity management and offers real-time solutions for fiat currency along with crypto assets.

It is easy, secure, seamless, and acts as a bridge for traditional and digital assets. Based in Switzerland, the bank sits on a total funding amount of $245.6M and has 8 prominent investors. The element of transparency is pervasive with SEBA Bank and investment solutions for digital assets can be heavily relied on.

Below mentioned are some of the services that users can leverage with SEBA Bank:

  • Asset and Wealth Management
  • Wide range of equity products (Crypto and Traditional, both)
  • Risk Management
  • Token design
  • Fundraising advice from ICO


Berlin-based online investment medium meant for cryptocurrencies, Nuri is yet another emerging platform where you can invest and trade securely. The participants or traders have an exclusive option to earn valuable interest in BTC (Bitcoin). Fiat currencies can be invested in various crypto portfolios. The bank provides debit cards to the users for purchases done online or offline. This platform was founded in the year 2013 and has total funding of 48M USD currently. Its investors range from Sony, HTGF to Platina and continue to draw attention from other prominent investors. It is a win-win situation as Nuri helps users to grow their money legally and facilitates them with convenient saving plans.


Based in Madrid, Spain, 2gether is a banking platform that engages in cryptocurrency transactions. It enables the users to avail of transfer services and they can easily send, receive, borrow and invest. Be it Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Euros, the transactions run quite smoothly and are secured. The app can be leveraged on iOS platforms and Androids.

Founded in 2017, 2gether has a line of prospective investors in the likes of “Chamberi Ventures”, “Lanzadera” etc. There are no additional fees charged by the platform and users can access the app instantly. The real market price is taken into consideration while buying and selling on the platform. Everyone is investing in Bitcoin but no one can predict the future of Bitcoin investors .

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