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What is Innovation? – Definition, Characteristics, Types, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Innovation? – Definition, Characteristics, Types, and More - 2021


Innovation is a constant in human history, to innovate is to be immersed in the new, in the novel, or the vanguard.

The word Innovation is etymologically composing of several Latin voices, the central ones being in “between” or “in,” and Novus, “new.”

Since ancient times, human beings have tried to create new tools, acquire new knowledge, improve what they already have, apply their ingenuity and, of course, their most urgent needs.

This feature has become even more accentuated in recent centuries.

When science and human reason have given our species an immense ability to discover the universe’s deep workings and apply it to solve our daily problems.

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What are the Characteristics of Innovation?

Innovation can be characterizing as follows

It can arise by chance or accidental (for example, the accidental discovery of penicillin).

Or it can be the consequence of a sustained and systematic effort, that is, of research and development.

It occurs in practically all areas of human endeavor.

It can be of two types, depending on its mode of emergence:

Closed Innovation

When all the innovators belong to the same organization.

Open Innovation

When the finding results from the synergy of the dispersed and independent efforts of many individuals belonging to different groups.

What are the Types of Innovation?

1.      Disruptive Innovation

The concept of “disruptive innovation” is used, mostly in the business area.

It refers to an innovative change process aimed at a minority audience and quickly becoming a reality with great commercial demand.

Disruptive Innovation occurs when new companies present new products, services, or business models that outperform leading companies in the same sector in the market.

An example can be Skype, which was an innovation and success in the telecommunications market.

2.      Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation is the invention or development of novel technologies, which often results in more sophisticated tools, previously impossible capabilities, and new knowledge.

It is a concept of the contemporary approach to science and a technical, technological, scientific result of the great revolution.

Since the second half of the nineteenth century and until today continues to accelerate its march.

Technology allows us to adapt the world to our needs instead of adapting ourselves to the pre-existing world. It is an essential consequence of our ability to reason.

3.      Educational Innovation

In teaching and learning, Innovation introduces new physical or conceptual tools, or new transformative practices, as part of the current educational process to improve, update, or enhance it.

It usually occurs in the hands of new cultural, scientific, or technological paradigms to adapt society to recent trends.

And also, In this way, future generations will be able to count on an up-to-date educational process.

4.      Business Innovation

In the business world, “innovation” is implementing a new idea or concept in the production process, creating a service or a product with added value that can be marketing within a market niche.

Put more easily.

Business innovation has to do with introducing new ideas and concepts to economic activity, creating new goods or services, or solving existing problems in the productive circuit.

In the economic field, Innovation can translate into:

New goods or new services that did not previously exist.

And also, The New tools that facilitate, lower the cost, or enhance an existing economic activity.

New economic niches or ways to anticipate future slots or even ways to transform an existing space.

5.      Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation are concepts that should not be confused.

However, the difference between one and the other can be subtle since they are closely related concepts.

“Creativity is thinking of new and appropriate ideas, while Innovation is the successful application of concepts within an organization.

And also, In other words, Creativity is the concept, and Innovation is the process”.

It means that Creativity is the exercise of the very conception of a novel idea in the abstract.

What are the Examples of Innovation?

And also, the examples of innovations that changed the world

Designs are tools created by human ingenuity to improve our quality of life as a species.

1. Cutting tools

The relics of the first spear date from 400,000 BC. of C.

This invention introduces hunting as a habitual activity for the search of food and, consequently, forces the communities to organize themselves.

Furthermore, the spear as a sharps tool was the first technological innovation that would allow humans to begin cutting and manipulating more robust materials for their benefit.

2. Pictographic art

This primary way of expressing what we see has evolved to reach the complex digital artistic compositions that we see today.

And also, Images became an essential form of expression in the human being.

3. Housing

In 6000 a. From C, humans in the Middle East began to build houses, transitioning to a more sedentary life.

This Innovation constitutes one of the bases for the path towards society, State, and country.

4. Agriculture

In Mesopotamia, the plow’s beginning is recording in 3,500 BC. de C.

Plowing is a simple technique that made it possible to grow and take care of your food efficiently and homogeneously.

And also, This helped the human species plant and organize its food on a large scale.

5. Calculator

The calculator enables complex calculations to be complete mechanically and without human error.

And also, The first calculator was created by Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) in 1642.

It would begin the technological advances in computing and the subsequent creation of the World Wide Web or the web.

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