What is Internet? – Definition, Characteristics, Operation, and More


The Internet could be defining as a global network of computer networks whose purpose is to allow the free exchange of information among all its users.

But it would be a mistake to consider the Internet solely as a computer network.

We can consider computers only as of the medium that carries information.

In this case, the Internet would be a great source of practical and fun stories.

We can send messages, executable programs, text files, consult library catalogs, order books, and make purchases with the Internet.

We must bear in mind that all the resources found on the Internet exist because someone has voluntarily spent their time generating them.

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What are the Characteristics of the Internet?

1.     The Electronic Mail Service (e-mail) that transmits and receives messages

we can contact any other user by exchanging messages.

Using mailing lists, the same information is shown to several destinations at the same time.

2.     news service (news)

you subscribe to a newsgroup, and you will receive information on that topic.

The news is store on a news server accessed by interested users.

3.     Remote Access

Potentially you can connect as a terminal and establish a work session on any computer (remote computer) on the network.

If you have the necessary access permissions to access it.

File transfer (Ftp, File Transfer Protocol, or File Transfer Protocol)  allows transferring files from one computer to another.

What is the Operation of the Internet?

We must bear in mind that each main computer that supports various users connected through a terminal also receives the hostname in a timesharing system.

Computers that are connected to the Internet and provide some service are called a server.

To access this service, we must have two programs that run on two different computers and that allow us to share resources.

The server program runs on the host, which is the one that provides the help, and the client program runs on the user’s computer.

Allows you to use the resource.


file server, print server, web server, FTP server.

The client program connects to another computer and requests help from a server program.

As all Internet services make use of the client/server relationship, you have to understand

  • How to run the client program.
  • How to tell the client program which server to use.
  • What instructions should be executing with each type of client.

How to Address the Internet?

An internet address is a unique identifying name and location on the Internet.

When someone sends a message, called electronic mail (e-mail), they need to specify where they will send the news over the Internet.

This ‘where’ is known as the Internet address.

Each person who logs on to the computer system has their unique identifier, which is their address.

Each computer connected to the Internet has its address.

On the Internet, addresses are complete up of the user identifier and the domain.

The domain is dividing into three subdomains separated by dots, computer name, institution name, and top-level domain name.

There are correct addresses with 4 and 2 subdomains.

There are two types of top-level domains, organization domains and geographic domains, in which a two-letter abbreviation represents an entire country.

What are the Types of Connections of the Internet?

As the Internet is a network, it can be accessing through various channels.

1)     Telephone lines

You can use a telephone line that is subdividing into conventional telephone lines or digital.

2)     Cable ( fiber optic )

Likewise, it can be a cable connection (which implements light signals instead of electrical signals that encode a more generous amount of information.

In turn, said cable is complete of a material calling optical fiber that allows it to transmit data between nodes).

3)     Satellite

There is also the connection via the satellite.

We usually are talking about a hybrid satellite and telephone connection system to reduce the congestion present in terrestrial networks.

4)     Wireless networks

In turn, we can implement wireless networks (which replace cables with infrared light signals or radio waves to transmit information).

In short, within wireless networks, another method used is LMDS.

5)     Power lines

If we talk about power lines, we use PLC (Power Line Communications ).

Finally, we can use mobile telephony (which refers to cell phone communications to access the Internet).

What are the Services and Uses of the Internet?

The Internet opens the doors to thousands and thousands of different services.

  • Search for any information you need (for example, on Google ).
  • Buy products of various kinds (for example, at Amazon or Mercado Libre).
  • Communicate with family or friends in other countries or cities through a video call (for example, Skype or WhatsApp).
  • Play online games (like League of Legends) with people of different nationalities and ages in real-time.

Of course, a word that summarizes all these qualities that the Internet has can connect or relate.

The Internet can connect people in different parts of the world and with varying interests to each other.

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