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keyboard Write For Us

Keyboard Write For Us

keyboard Write For UsWhat Is Keyboard?

The keyboard is one of the hardware or hardware on a computer. This tool’s function is to input data in the form of numbers, letters, or symbols.

Judging from its shape, this keyboard is a keyboard that has many buttons that function according to the user’s emphasis. The keyboard has 2 types of ports, namely PS2 and USB, but the more sophisticated technology is, there are already keyboards that have developed into wireless or wireless keyboards.

Keyboard Functions On Computers and Android

The keyboard generally has a simple function, which is to input data in the form of numbers, letters, and symbols pressed for the user. Although simple, this tool is quite helpful for computer users.

Computer and android keyboards send commands the user typed, reaching the CPU ( Central Processing Unit ). Then the command will become a digital signal which the processor will eventually capture.

The keyboard has several buttons and indicator lights that can indicate that the keyboard can used properly and correctly. Some of the arrangement of the buttons are as follows:

1. Play Typing Keypad

This is the main keyboard which contains the letters of alphabet from A to Z, punctuation marks, and numbers from 1 – 0 that user uses to type text into the computer such as in Microsoft Word or others.

2. Directional Keys

This is an arrow directional button consisting of 4 buttons, namely the right, left, up, and down directions. These four buttons function to move the cursor or screen in the direction the user wants

3. Numeric or Directional Keypad

The buttons in this section contain the numbers and the cursor move buttons which usually also located on the right side of the main typing board. These keys function properly when the numeric keys indicator light is on. These buttons will make it easier for users to enter numeric data.

4. Function Keys

This key is above the main typing keypad and can be seen sequentially from F1 to F12. Function keys function to set some commands for the system on the computer.

5. Special Keys

This button located at the top of the directional keys, consisting of the page up, delete, home, end, page down, print screen, pause, break, and other buttons.

6. Modifier Keys

This group includes the Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys. If it is pressed simultaneously with other keys, it will bring up a command that can modified with other different keys.

7. Status Light (Lock Keys)

This is an indicator light that can indicate that a button actively used. For example, if the Capslock button lit, it can make all letters capitalized.

8. Windows Keys

There is also a Windows key on the keyboard with an image of Microsoft. This button serves to bring up the Windows window menu on the computer.

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