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Krrish 3  Movie Download


Krrish 3  Movie Download

Krrish 3 is a 2013 Hindi superhero film produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan after Koi Mil Gaya (2003) and Krrish (2006). The leading roles are occupied yourself by Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra, and Kangana Ranaut. The story follows the lives of Rohit Mehra, a scientist, and Krishna Mehra, also known as Krrish, his superhero son, who faces an elaborate conspiracy staged by the evil genius Kaal and his henchman Kaya. Krishna’s pregnant wife, Priya, is taken by Kaal and Kaya, who change her shape, take her place in Mehra’s house, and finally fall in love with Krishna.

Krrish 3 was initially supposed to be accessible as a 3D movie. However, due to the lack of release time to convert the film to 3D, director Rakesh Roshan mentioned that the film would only be out in the 2D format. Krrish 3 was released worldwide on November 1st, 2013. The film, which produces on a budget of $ 950 million ($ 20 million), grossed ₹ 3.93 billion ($ 50 million) worldwide in performances, visual effects, cinematography, and entertainment value, but with criticism of Rajesh Roshan’s Music, narration and script.

Rajesh Roshan successfully collaborated with Basu Chatterjee, Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, and Kishore Kumar. Apart from Watching This Movie you Can Also Watch This Movie doctor strange full movie in hindi download
He became famous with the Julie soundtrack, for which he won the Filmfare Award for the best musical director. He is the first music director to have superstar Amitabh Bachchan sing.

Details About the Movie

Directed by: Rakesh Roshan

Story by: Rakesh Roshan

Screenplay by: Rakesh Roshan

Honey Irani
Robin Bhatt

Produced By: Rakesh Roshan

Star cast: Hrithik Roshan
Vivek Oberoi
Priyanka Chopra
Kangana Ranaut

Edited by:Chandan Arora

Music by: Songs: Rajesh Roshan
Background Score:Salim-Sulaiman

Production Company: Filmkraft Productions Pvt.Ltd

Cinematography: Tirru

Distributed by: Filmkraft Productions Pvt. Ltd

Released Date: November 1st, 2013

Running time: 152 minutes

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Budget: 95crore

Box Office: est. ₹393crore

How To Watch And Download Krrish 3 Movie

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More about Movie

The scientist Rohit Mehra lives with his son Krishna Mehra (both played by Hrithik Roshan) in Mumbai. Krishna is married to Priya (Priyanka Chopra), a journalist from Aaj Tak. Rohit works at a research institute owned by the Indian government, and Krishna is regularly fired from various jobs for lack of attendance while working as the superhero Krrish.

Rohit is researching a device that uses solar energy to bring dead tissue to life. Despite several attempts, he could not complete the experiment due to the high intensity of the sun’s rays. On a typical day, Krishna loses his job from the company’s safety department when he hears news of an airplane with its front tires stuck due to a malfunction, which is high risk; even if it lands, it can explode so will the passengers. Within. Krishna immediately switches to Krrish and saves the plane from an accident by holding the landing gear so the tires can support the plane’s nose.

A few days later, Rohit learns of a deadly disease spread in Namibia by a virus whose antidote has yet to discover. He consults his friend Dr. Varun Shetty (Arif Zakaria) on the situation. Meanwhile, Shetty receives a call from Dr. Alok Sen (Asif Basra), a scientist at Kaal Laboratories who insists on meeting with him to reveal the virus and its antidote.


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