What is Medical Entrance Exams? – About, Reasons, Charge and More


Medical Entrance Exams are those that employers perform to determine the physical and mental health conditions of the workers they will hire.

Doctors authorized to perform entrance exams.

It is the one that determines a person can be hired for the indicated position and regarding which the medical evaluation is made.

That decision must be made based on authorized medical criteria.

Which prevents any doctor can do this type of exams and certifications.

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What are the Reasons For Entrance Medical Exams?

The main reason why pre-entry medical examinations should be carried out is the need for the contracted worker’s physical and health condition to be compatible with the trade or activity to be carried out.

The company must not only evaluate the technical or professional competence of the workers; it is going to hire but must also assess their physical and mental capacity to perform the job.

The worker’s health status determines what activities they can develop or not.

To not hire an employee who later cannot do the job for which they have been employed due to health problems, their health status must be evaluated before hiring them.

Which is not discriminatory.

That is why the employer must communicate to the occupational doctor the profile of the evaluated person’s position.

Because based on that profile, the doctor determines or certifies the aptitude or not of the applicant, which discharges discrimination.

The doctor must act according to the profile of the position communicated by the employer.

So that if the worker has an illness or injury that does not prevent him from performing in the indicated profile, he cannot refuse to certify his aptitude because it would be discriminatory.

For example

the doctor must evaluate an employee for the secretary position and detect that she has a back injury that stops her from lifting heavy objects.

Since that injury does not interfere with your performance as a secretary because that position does not involve lifting heavy objects, you cannot issue a recommendation not to hire.

On the other hand, income tests are intended to identify the worker’s pre-existing injuries or illnesses, something that occupational risk managers are pending and employers must also be.

If an employee who is already injured is hired and that injury is not identified at the time of hire, the employee may in the future claim that he was injured working for the employer who hired him injured.

It may demand that he be paid considerable compensation, and since the employer or the ARL cannot prove the preexistence of that injury, they will probably have to answer it.

What is the Charge of Average Medical Entrance Exams?

The employer cannot charge for the entrance exams that the worker takes.

The exams cannot be charged, nor can the applicant be required to take them already completed.

The employer cannot tell a candidate to bring an MRI; If the employer requires this examination, it must bear its cost.

Unfortunately, this prohibition against charging or requesting examinations is not always fulfilled.

Since there are no operational control and sanction mechanisms, the worker asked for money for the exams or asked for exams and does not accept it.

They do not hire him, and the worker has no tools to report and prove this irregularity.

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