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Operating System Write For Us Contribute and Submit post

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Operating System Write For Us

Operating System Write For Us

Operating System Write For UsWhat Is Operating System?

The operating system is the spirit of a device. If this operating system is not present, then the device cannot run except only the boot program. If likened to a human figure, a device without an operating system is like a body whose life abandoned.

Then what is the meaning of the operating system? The operating system, which comes from the translation of the word operating system, is software on the hard disk of a device when it boots. Meanwhile, other devices can run after the operating system is running. This operating system is the core of all software.

Thus, other software does not need to perform core tasks because the operating system already runs it. The piece of code that performs these tasks is the kernel.

According to the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, the operating system is software or software that regulates the system and manages resources on the computer from other software and hardware to run programs and applications on the computer.

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Operating system tasks

The operating system generally manages all the software and hardware on the computer. The operating system manages the processes of accessing software from one another to ensure each software usually runs.

For more details, here are some operating system tasks:

1. Performing Basic Operations

The operating system has one important function: carrying out essential functions on the computer. This operating system is the most basic software work system or software to operate properly. This system helps the computer to be able to display the computer display in such a way to its users.

2. To Present a View

One of the tasks of a computer operating system is to facilitate the use of applications. These applications can be run because of the computer OS so that they can be displayed on the computer monitor screen or the main page when a new user turns on the computer.

In addition, the operating system also has tasks such as translating languages. One that translated is a programming language that comes from the CPU which will then displayed in the form of graphics, text, or other types of display that are still easy to read by users.

Operating system functions

In addition to having certain tasks, the operating system has several very important functions, which other devices cannot replace. Some of the operating system functions include:

1. To Manage Hardware Work

In addition to having software, computers also have hardware. The operating system’s function also applies to hardware that completes the computer’s work operations. Hardware in question is such as CPU, speakers, mouse, and others. This operating system manages hardware work and connects hardware and software so that the computer can run properly.

2. To Manage Various Applications

The various applications that you have usually stored in storage memory. All these applications integrated with the operating system. So, if there is no operating system on the computer, of course you cannot run these application programs.

3. For Coordination of Computer Devices

Another function of the computer operating system is that it can coordinate many things on the computer regarding preparing complex programs to be more systematic, simpler, and sequential. practical and efficient.

4. For Optimal Computer Function

Another operating system is optimizing the work of computer software and hardware to run optimally according to their functions. Some devices require different treatment, such as the CPU which takes time to run, which makes calls to files stored on the hard disk.

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