How to Prepare for Bank Exams? – Mock tests, Fundamental and more

Preparation for Bank Exams

Take a mock test online

  • What is the NATA exam pattern?
  • If someone starts preparing for UPSC on January 1, 2017, can they pass the exam in 2017?
  • What is the trouble level of the NDA written exam?
  • Why is it tough for me to study 3-4 days before the exam?
  • What is the best application or book for the CDS exam?

The bank exams will allow you to know the pattern following different sections, the level of difficulty, and its current status.

To know ‘Where am I standing?’ it is essential before you put in your time and effort preparing for a competitive exam


Once you are complete with the analysis part, you should work on the fundamentals.

A. Quantitative suitability

Learn the tricks of Speed ​​Maths (many of them are available on Youtube), do a lot of mental math in everyday life, and calculate fast.

Get a deep understanding of chapters such as Simplification, Average, Percentage, Ratio, Profit and Loss, and Data Interpretation.

Once you are sure of the concepts and your ability to solve them quickly, try putting command over other chapters.

B. Aptitude of reasoning

Topics like syllogism, machine input-output, puzzle test, etc.

They carry a heavyweight when it comes to an IBPS PO exam, and with six months in hand, you can be in complete control over these issues as long as you know the approach.

Don’t worry about verbal reasoning topics as they take just 1 or 2 months of preparation to master.

C. English language

During the last few years, the level of difficulty in this particular section has been increasing, and to remove the limit, you must be a good reader of the English language.

Make a habit of reading different pieces of writing; News articles, magazines, magazines, etc.

Also, you will work on your grammar.

D. General awareness

Preparing for this section seems more awkward for most students, as one has to store many events, dates, names in mind with the daily happenings in the national and international arena.

But I would advise you not to study this section carefully as it will consume much of your valuable time.

E. Computer knowledge

You don’t need to be a computer wizard to clear this section

follow the online computer section of a different website and once you’re complete with its content, practice lots of sample questions online or offline.

Enroll in a series of tests

Once you’re done with concept building and practicing, the time comes when you need to validate your performance against a real-time test scenario.

Enroll in a series of quality tests and save three days for 1 test.

The first day when you take the exam and the next two days to analyze your performance, strengths or weaknesses, or correct past mistakes.

You mustn’t repeat mistakes on future exams; otherwise, it can cost you dearly, especially in IBPS PO exams, and your rank can suffer significantly if you try to ask questions incorrectly.

Finally, we would like to state that if you start preparing for an IBPS PO exam.

You have a good chance of figuring it out because you start early, you always have an advantage over your peers, but be sure to study what is relevant and essential to you.

We always emphasize that “breaking a competitive test has more to do with strategy than hard work.”

Specific Steps to get started with your preparation of Bank Exams

1)        Proper planning

First of all, you should have made a plan for your studies.

Better understand your exam program, find out which weak section you need to pay more attention to, and then prepare a syllabus.

2)        Get Updated

It would help if you read newspapers and magazines regularly and keep up with current affairs, daily events, and activities.

Especially from the banking and financial industry.

3)        Study the topic intelligently

Students should focus on only one topic at a time, not just from one to another, but pay close attention to each

Practice more questions on various topics.

4)        Weapon GK

General knowledge is one of the best scores on banking exams.

It would be best if you controlled it with the daily habit of reading the newspaper.

Try some of the latest GK books and magazines that also answer your questions on current affairs before bank exams.

Such as current events, banking awareness, sports, business news, political news and film, television, etc.

5)        Proper time management

It would help if you skilful more and more to solve all the questions promptly.

6)        Test with mock test

You need to try it yourself with a mock test online with successful completion of the exam program.

It would help if you tried some mock tests to judge yourself on the exam with the appropriate duration.

Solve test drills to get a decent idea of ​​the role.

7)        Review

Go through all the topics in your syllabus within a few days before bank exams, one more time and focus more on the weak section of that moment.

8)        8) Act like a star

When entering the exam room, you should not hesitate about anything.

Take the first section to have command and consume less time, and then continue for the long part.

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