What is Smart Watch?-Definition, Functions, and More


A smart watch is a smartwatch.

The word is an English word composed of the words smart, which means ‘intelligent,’ and watch, which translates ‘watch.’

Smart watch, in this sense, is a commercial name that has been used to designate high-tech products

Cell phones ( smartphone ) or televisions ( smart TV ), and that are distinguished, among other things, by having the ability to function network and provide internet access.

The smartwatch evolves from the digital wristwatch to incorporate a series of functions and options designed to meet contemporary users’ needs and demands.

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What are the Basic Functions of Smart Watch?

Each manufacturer brand offers different smartwatch functionalities in each of its models.

But some basic ones are common to most smartwatches, regardless of brand or price range.

Clock functions

Although a watch is smart, it does not stop providing its basic functionalities.

Telling the time or having a stopwatch is the basics. Virtually all of them also offer a schedule and calendar function.


One of the most common and essential smartwatch functions is to measure the steps that the user takes

Either throughout the day or in a certain time.

These smartwatches are widely used as an aid and control for the health care and fitness of the user.

In this context, knowing its mobility by specifying the steps taken throughout the day is an exciting feature.


It is one of the basic smartwatch functions that you can get the most out of in different areas.

For example, during a training session, to measure the time you want to dedicate to each specific type of exercise.

If you are cooking, it warns you after the time you have indicated that you have to turn off the fire or take your recipe out of the oven.

For students and opponents, mark the minutes dedicated to each subject or the rest between study sessions.

Alarm and alarm clock

Smartwatch functions are elementary, but very useful.

And it is more comfortable to use them with a smartwatch that you wear on the bracelet.

You can listen and turn off instantly than with your smartphone.

Make and receive calls hands-free

Being able to make and receive calls without taking your smartphone out of your bag or pocket is very convenient in many situations.

Only by touching your smartwatch can you communicate while driving, working, cooking, or whatever you want.

It is one of the most used smart watch functions. The truth is that it is not surprising because it is efficient.

Play music

Virtually all smartwatch models are capable of playing music with higher or lower sound quality.

They can also usually be used as a remote to control the music on your smartphone.

For example, if you carry the latter in your bag or backpack and listen to the music that it plays with headphones, you can control controls such as sound from your wrist comfortably.

Reply to emails and messages on social media

It is a very practical function smart watch.

From your wrist, you can do it very quickly when you do not have your smartphone at hand.

In an instant, you will have answered comfortably.

Camera and video functions

Taking photos and video recordings are possible with most smart watches on the market.

This is very convenient because it a smartphone, you only have to lift your wrist and handle it with one finger

It instantly takes the desired photo or begins to record the video of the moment you want to immortalize.

How to Choose the right Smart Watch?

Check the compatibility with your smartphone

It must be compatible with the smartphone that you already have or that of the person to whom you are going to give it.

The smart watch functions must be what you want.

Since each brand and model offers different functionalities, you should choose a model that includes those you intend to use regularly or frequently.

If your budget allows it and you think that they may interest you in the future, it may be a good idea to choose a higher-level model.


But if you have a modest budget, it is absurd for you to increase the cost to obtain functionalities that are not even interesting to you before the purchase since you will most likely never use them.

Design is one more factor to take into account

We are not talking about a pocket device.

We are talking about a watch that you will wear on your wrist.

Issues such as the design or its color may be necessary to you, especially if you will use it continuously and not only for sports activities.

Or if you are passionate about fashion and style.

Are you taking it to work? To places or in environments where aesthetics are relevant? What kinds of clothes or colors will go well with everything? Evaluate your options to make the right choice.

What is the Future of Smart Watch?

Technological advances mark the future of smart watches.

Precisely, a technology that will revolutionize the social, economic, and labour landscape in a few years is the IoT ( Internet of the Things ) or Internet of Things.

According to the Gartner company, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be about 26 billion devices connected to the IoT network.

IoT technology aims for everything to be intimately connected, from the electrical appliances in our house to telephones, computers, traffic lights, and all kinds of electronic devices will be able to communicate with each other.

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