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Software Development Consulting Company

Software Development DICEUS is a leading IT consulting and digital services company. But, DICEUS offers services for the development and creation of software for your business. We are ready to undertake a project of any complexity for enterprises of many cities. And also, Thanks to the constant improvement of skills and development of new methods, our specialists will create a quality product to order, which meets all customer requirements.

  • A comprehensive approach to the software implementation of business processes
  • Creating a software product for the specifics of a particular business
  • What stages consist of software development consulting company?
  • We reduce the cost of development.

What Stages Does Software Development Consist?

Task Analysis

  • Receipt of the application from the Customer and preliminary analysis of needs.
  • Discussion of the application with the Customer to clarify several questions that have arisen (due to our questions’ answers, we already understand the requirements more precisely and are ready to offer different options).
  • Preliminary assessment of development time and cost of work (here we provide a detailed commercial proposal with preliminary but already accurate estimates of work time and cost of the software) and offer several cooperation options. And also, Ultimately, in 99% of cases, we come to mutually beneficial terms of association).

Terms Of Reference For The Software

  1. Development of detailed Terms of Reference we create a document, agreeing and discussing options with the Customer.
  2. Coordination of software product interfaces (one of the most exciting stages at which the Customer sees his software product for the first time and can show creativity and add something of his own, rightly feeling like one of its creators.

Software Development

  1. The software development itself (not fast, but a crucial stage includes mandatory testing by specialists).
  2. Demonstration to the Customer of the alpha version of the software product (at this stage, the software product already meets 99% of the Customer’s requirements).
  3. And also, Minor refinements of software development and final testing.

Implementation And Warranty Support

  1. We are commissioning at the Customer’s site and transfer of technical documentation.
  2. Warranty support of the information system (the option is included in all our agreements).

What Technologies Do We Use For Software Development?

  • Reports / Forms / SQL Windows Azure;
  • MS SQL Server;
  • .NET;
  • JAVA;
  • Web;
  • J2EE (STRUP / SPRING / Frameworks);
  • SWING, Open Systems LAMP Stack;
  • XSLT;
  • XML;
  • AJAX;
  • HTML;
  • TFS;
  • SharePoint;
  • And many others.

What Are We Developing?

We Create Software For Your Business

We study the business model, and with due attention to every detail, we design the optimal scenarios of the future program.

Software Development

Therefore, We will develop software at prices that are optimally combined with high-quality work.

ERP Systems Development

Moreover, Enterprise resource planning – organizational strategy for the integration of production and management.

CRM Systems Development

And also, he concept of the relationship of your company with buyers of your services or goods.

After that, Technologies expand the possibilities of long-term cooperation with customers, create innovative products and open new income channels. However, despite the great potential of new technologies, they can become another cost channel without proper management.

  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Solution architecture
  • Business analysis
  • Operational support
  • Product management
  • Technical communication

Choice Of Technologies

Our specialists can develop a reliable and well-protected network structure for any enterprise. Together with your staff (if the company has an IT department), we will select an individual network design that can ensure uninterrupted corporate communication. But, We will create a network solution project that will provide a stable, fast, and high-quality connection to the Internet. But, Using the latest growths in information technology, we will select the best option to support all workflows in the enterprise. We will help with the choice of the necessary equipment; we will establish and test systems work. And also, Our specialists will analyze network efficiency, troubleshoot, optimize all systems’ operations, and support the project for as long as necessary. We are also providing data science consulting services.

Project Implementation

Moreover, We make sure that our schemes are implemented on time and do not go beyond the agreed budget. Our team tries to minimize customer costs and understands the importance of their work. We do our best to adjust the process so that it does not interfere with the organization’s established schedule and pace. After that, We prepare equipment, carry out modernization of existing networks, and prepare personnel of your enterprise to work with new technologies. But, our experts assess the possible risks and prospects of your organization, make predictions for the future, and help protect their customers’ interests.  We minimize network vulnerabilities and improve their security.

Moreover, It can be challenging for company personnel to respond quickly to rapid changes in information technology. But, We are ready to conduct training and coaching for your employees. After that, Improving the skills of employees will make the work of your company more coordinated and productive. We talk about the latest IT industry and seek to engage staff by testing the knowledge gained with subsequent certification.

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