The Following Four Wires are Made of Same Material

The following four wires are made of same material. Which of these will take the main extension when the same tension is applied?


(a) length = 100 cm, diameter = 1 mm
(b) length = 200 cm, diameter = 2 mm
(c) length = 300 cm, diameter = 3 mm
(d) length = 50 cm, diameter = 0.5 mm

Correct Answer:

length = 50 cm, diameter = 0.5 mm


F = YA / L x l
So, extension l ∞ L / A ∞ L / D² [F and Y are constant]
l₁ ∞ 100 / 1² ∞ 100 l₂ ∞ 200 / 2² ∞ 50
l₃ ∞ 300 / 3² ∞ 100 / 3 l₄ ∞ 50 / 1 / 4 ∞ 200
The ratio of L / D² is maximum for case (d).

Diameter Definition

The Following Four Wires are Made of Same Material – The diameter defined as binary the length of the radius of a circle. The radius measured from the center of a circle to one endpoint of the circle, while, the distance of diameter measured from one end of the circle to a point on the other end of the circle, passing through the middle. The diameter is signified by the letter D. There are endless points on the circumference of a circle, this means that a circle has an infinite number of diameters, and each diameter of the circle is of equal length.

The Following Four Wires are Made of Same Material – Detect the following figure which displays the diameter of a circle by a blue mark. The yellow line from the middle to one termination of the circle is the radius and the outer boundary which marked by a black dotted bend is the perimeter of the circle.

Diameter Symbol

The Following Four Wires are Made of Same Material – Φ is the symbol that is used in business to represent diameter. This symbol is commonly use in practical specifications and drawings. A Φ25 mm revenue the diameter of the circle is 25 mm.


The Following Four Wires are Made of Same Material – To measure the length of the very small objects less than a centimeter, a millimeter is a suitable unit. The millimeter with the abbreviation as mm is a unit of displacement or distance for a small object.
The mm is equivalent to 0.001 meters. Also, there are about 25.4 millimeters in one linear inch. In this topic, the student will learn about millimeters and their conversions.

Definition of Millimeter

The millimeter is a unit of length in the metric system, equivalent to one-thousandth of a meter (the SI base unit of length). However, In the standard metric system, power-of-10 prefix multipliers facilitate the derivation of others.

Formally, a one-millimeter distance traveled by a ray of electromagnetic (EM) energy through a vacuum in a time span of 3.33564095 x 10-12 seconds.

Thus, the millimeter and its kin also used to specify the wavelengths of electromagnetic fields, especially at ultra-high and microwave radio frequencies.

Further, such radio spectrum occupies an informally defined range of wavelengths from roughly 1 mm to several tens of kilometers. The speed of EM-field propagation in a vacuum is 2.99792458 x 1011 millimeters per second.

One simple way to measure the centimeter is by using everyday objects that are close to 1 centimeter in size, like a pencil, pen, or highlighter. However, Millimeter gives more precision value to such small objects.

Moreover, a millimeter is a unit of length in the metric system which is equal to \(\frac{1}{1000} th of a meter.

1 mm is equivalent to 0.039370 inches.

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