4 Tips on Building a Great Instagram Account     

Instagram Account – Do you plan to use Instagram for your business? If so, you should start by considering your personal experience using this platform.
As you scroll through your account, enjoying your curated feed, you see a mix of posts from friends, content creators, brands, and even multiple cute animals.
While no one made you follow the brands and business accounts, you chose to do so. Think about why you did? This is how you need to market your business on this social media platform.
Remember, Instagram is very visual (like most social media platforms today). This means using plenty of photos and videos is a must. If you have photos that need a bit of fine-tuning, consider using tools like Facetune.
Some other tips to consider when creating a business account on Instagram can be found here.

Figure Out Why You Are Using Instagram for Your Business

When you begin using any marketing channel, you must set goals to meet. The same is the case for Instagram. If you plan to invest your money and time into Instagram marketing, you must consider what you want to achieve?

Some of the most common Instagram business goals include:

  •     To sell services and products
  •     Increase brand awareness
  •     Showcase your company’s values and culture
  •     Build a community

Take some time to write your goals down and then continue to monitor them. When you have goals, you and your entire team become more intentional with what you post on Instagram.

Optimize Your Business Profile

When using Instagram for your business, you should look at your profile as your homepage. You have several features to win over potential customers, which include:

  •     One link
  •     150 characters
  •     Several call-to-action buttons

Make sure you choose an Instagram business profile. The business accounts provide you with additional features that let you expand your profile, sell items through Instagram, and track the performance of your content.
It’s also necessary to create a quality Instagram bio. This should include what your company does, your industry or category, a tone that shows off your personality, your business contact information, and a link.
Remember, the only place in the Instagram app to add a clickable link is in your bio. This means it’s valuable real estate you should take advantage of.

Discover Your Visual Aesthetic

As mentioned above, Instagram is all about visuals. However, what works for other businesses may not be right for yours. Consider the aesthetic you would like to present through your business page. Once you know this, design your branding guidelines so that everything remains consistent.
Make sure you pay close attention to your color palette. Successful Instagram accounts usually use a color palette for everything, including their photos. This helps create a very distinct style.

Post Regularly and Consistently

It’s important to stick to a regular posting schedule, which will help you show up in the timelines of your target audience. Instagram wants to show each person content they are most likely to appreciate and enjoy. Because of this, they are searching for relevant content for each user.

The algorithm used by Instagram uses machine learning to study users’ activity. It also customizes its timeline based on this.

Creating a Successful Instagram Presence for Your Business

As you can see from the information here, you can do more than a few things to create a quality business presence on Instagram Account. Be sure to keep the information here in mind, which will help you find success with your presence on this site. Being informed is the best way to engage Instagram users and use this platform to its full potential.

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