Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in Asia

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms – Everyone is guessing the future of Bitcoin . Cryptocurrency is a pervasive topic that intrigues people all around the world. However, there must be some platforms that can teach beginners and nurture their skills. Investors and traders are constantly vying for a greater share than they had yesterday and choosing the most appropriate exchange platform to trade are extremely important. Below mentioned are some of the prominent cryptocurrency exchange platforms that you can rely on:

Binance: One of the predominant cryptocurrency exchange platforms in existence today that does complete justice to the traders. It allows the users to conduct the transactions seamlessly and trade cryptocurrency by charging just 0.1% on the transactions. Users also leverage the option to successfully earn interests on the coins that they own simply through staking them. It enables them to earn an interest rate of up to 10%. The platform provides 24/7 support that has a rich community and features worldwide discussions. Not only that, but it also provides a host of opportunistic careers that can be leveraged by traders to build a prosperous career with the future of technology.

The daily volume of cryptocurrency trade on the platform far exceeds its counterparts which makes it highly reliable in comparison to other available platforms. The company has also launched a total of two digital currencies so far i.e., BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and BNB (Binance Coin). It exclusively features “Proof of Authority” and “Proof of Stake” which are the pivotal requirements that cryptocurrency exchange platforms are supposed to meet.

Huobi Global: It is an evolving cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore which has multiple offices across the world. From Hong Kong to Korea and Japan to the United States, the company has diversified its reach in recent years and continues to do so. You have the option to execute peer-to-peer transactions i.e., seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it does not charge hefty fees either as it is only 0.2% for the amount that goes up to $,5000,000 considering a period of 30 days.

The widely renowned platform of digital assets ensures impenetrable security and seamless trading. It also provides services with regards to asset management and its diversified products make it highly convenient for the users. You can easily buy or sell or stake and even borrow a bunch of cryptocurrencies that provides a holistic environment to investors and seasoned traders. Diversified features and tools of the platform might perplex the beginners initially but its deep liquidity is one of the major pros. A large number of cryptocurrencies on the platform has generated a plethora of opportunities for interested parties.

CoinDCX: The seamless process of buying, selling, and trading in cryptocurrency can easily be carried out on this opportunistic platform. Highly trusted among 7.5 Million+ Indian cryptocurrency investors, this platform provides a necessary boost to your overall cryptocurrency portfolio. You invest, grow, get returns, and above all, it is legal so you don’t have to worry about malpractices or be victimized by miscreants. The Supreme Court of India ruled in favor of cryptocurrency investment for Indian investors and is highly trusted among institutional investors and major banks. Its deep encryption ensures impenetrable security and all the funds are insured by BitGo.

OKEx: This platform allows you to convert BTC (Bitcoin) into INR (Indian Rupee) through convenient means like Bank transfer, IMPS, UPI, etc. OKEx depicts the real-time BTC price in terms of INR and traders are offered the most favorable Bitcoin prices. Developed with cutting-edge technology and robust security, you have the option to successfully trade in cryptocurrencies like BTC into INR. The platform facilitates the users with verified merchants 24/7 and that makes it all effortless to buy a bitcoin. You can leverage a trusted and seamless cryptocurrency ecosystem that caters to professionals and beginners alike.

MXC: Incorporated with web 3.0 infrastructure, MXC is designed to blend the real world with the aerodynamic Metaverse. The entire platform is developed on the mechanism of PoP i.e., Proof of Participation. It helps in maintaining an open and free network that aims to provide decent scalability to the users. It is an ideal blockchain trading platform that facilitates the users with the circulation services of a blockchain asset. It is relatively more convenient than its counterparts with ample security features and its users are constantly proliferating around the world.

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