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Tour Autoguidato Della Prigione Di Shrewsbury

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Tour Autoguidato Della Prigione Di Shrewsbury

Tour Autoguidato Della Prigione Di Shrewsbury – Built in 1793, Shrewsbury Prison today represents an essential example of Georgian and Victorian architecture and heritage. Choose a start time that suits you, head to the landmark, and spend as much time as you like exploring its highlights. As you explore, you can admire its interactive elements, learn about its history, and discover its hauntings on a self-guided tour. This option is perfect for history and architecture lovers. Feel free to explore Shrewsbury Prison at your own pace. Choose from a variety of start times to fit your schedule. Booking optimizes the tour experience.

History of Shrewsbury Prison

History of Shrewsbury Prison

Shrewsbury Prison, also known as The Dana, was completed in 1793 and named after the Reverend Edmund Dana. William Blackburn, an architect who designed many prisons, also drew up plans for a new prison. It was Blackburn who chose the site where the prison would be built. The ideas of John Howard inspired Blackburn.

Howard, a famous prison reformer, proposed several methods to improve the sanitary conditions of English prisons. These measures formed part of the Gaol Act of 1774. Howard visited Shrewsbury in 1788 to inspect plans for a new prison. He didn’t like some aspects of the design, such as the size of the interior patio.

Consequently, Thomas Telford, who had been given the post of Secretary of Works at the new prison the previous year, designed the new prison. Shrewsbury Prison was completed in 1793 with a statue of John Howard sitting proudly above the entrance. It gives its name to Howard Street, where the prison is located.

About Tour Autoguidato Della Prigione Di Shrewsbury

For many years, Shrewsbury Prison was the site of executions, which were previously public and attracted large crowds in a festive and unsanitary atmosphere. People arrived early to ensure they got a good spot, and posters were prepared as souvenirs.

The last public execution in Shrewsbury was on April 9, 1868, when 35-year-old John Mapp was hanged for the murder of a nine-year-old girl, just a month before the end of public executions in England.

Between 1902 and 1961, eight executions took place at Shrewsbury Prison. On February 9, 1961, 21-year-old George Riley was hang for the murder of a 62-year-old woman. It would be the last execution at Shrewsbury Prison before this form of capital punishment was abolished in 1969.

During the 1972 restoration, the remains of ten prisoners executed at Shrewsbury Prison were discover. Nine of these prisoners were left unidentified and later cremated. The remaining prisoner was identified as George Riley, and his remains were released to his relatives.

Hear the Stories on Our Guided Tours

Hear The Stories on Our Guided Tours

During their visit, a prison officer will shed light on what life was like for prisoners, staff, and visitors. Bringing the prison to life through an unlimited tour of this historic and fascinating building.

Explore two traditional Victorian prison wings: Wing A contains 172 cells designed to house 350 men; Wing C consists of 22 cells initially built to house female prisoners until 1921. Walk the landing as officers have done for 200 years and discover what it’s like to be lock behind steel doors.

Arriving At the Prison

Reception, where all prisoners entering or leaving the prison were process. Here, you will see the BOSS (Body Orifice Security Scanner) chair. Pass through two exercise yards, both enclosed by high prison walls. Get the facts: Why was netting on the main practice yard? And is it true that prisoners always walk clockwise?

Medical care, see where inmates stand to pick up their medication and where drug and alcohol addiction prevention programs are run—visitation, the only place inside prison walls where inmates can meet people outside the prison. Find out how many visits an inmate was entitle to, how long the visits would last, and why the area had the highest security and screening inside the prison.

There is So Much to Explore

You will given a visitor’s guide and map when you explore the prison. Use the sound books to learn the facts and history of the prison. Information panels add interesting background details to your visit, and staff are always on hand to point you in the right direction and answer any questions.

A Full Day Out on Tour Autoguidato Della Prigione Di Shrewsbury

Finish your trip with a visit to our museum and gift shop, where you can purchase Shrewsbury Prison souvenirs so you’ll never forget your time behind bars.

Shrewsbury Prison has a beautiful restaurant, open all day, every day. Why not finish the tour by trying homemade cakes and freshly brewed coffee. Enjoy a full meal from snacks and bites to a full-size ‘Lifers Burger’?

We recommend booking online in advance to receive a discount on all self-guided tours. Visitors can visit anytime between 10 am to 5 pm, seven days a week.


Tour Autoguidato Della Prigione Di Shrewsbury – If you’re looking for another day, you’re in the right place. Explore the entire prison at your leisure while taking photos and selfies and soaking up the atmosphere of this incredible Victorian prison—an ideal day out for families with young children who want to explore at their own pace. You will be provided with a visitor guide and map. Use the sounding boards to learn prison facts and history as you explore the prison. Information panels add interesting background details to your visit, and staff are always on hand to point you in the right direction and also answer any questions.

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