Top 4 Easy-to-use Web-based Tools For Your Everyday Needs

Web-based Tools – Computer devices such as laptops and smartphones are handy tools; they help us with our daily tasks at school, work, and even at home. Without these computer devices, what used to be hard to accomplish can be done without exerting too much effort and with just one click of our finger; what usually takes days to do are now done in just a few clicks on our computers.

Using a good quality device and proper tools in our computers, we can do almost anything. Computer software is what makes them useful, but sometimes installing this software can be disadvantageous and harmful to your devices too. Good thing there are available web-based tools that can also do what this software can do and sometimes even more.


File management is an essential task both at home and at school because they play a significant role in these fields. One of the most critical jobs in managing files is converting files to different formats because PDF, for example, offers valuable features such as compatibility with various devices, security, and editability. With this task, GogoPDF is the best.

It is a web-based tool that converts various formats such as PNG, HTML, JPG, PPT, Excel, Word to PDF, and vice versa; it is everything you need for converting your file. But if you think that converting is the only service this website offers, then you’re wrong. It can also merge, split, add encryption, unlock, edit, rotate, add watermark to your PDF files, and so much more.

You don’t have to be worried about your security and the security of your files and whatever information it contains because their website contains very secure features that are stated in their privacy policy. 


Making memories last forever is possible now with any device; it can be done by capturing events using the camera of any device you have. When taking a video, sometimes there are parts of the video that we want to alter, delete, add effect, and more. When doing these, you will need a video editor. And What better way to edit your video than Wevideo.

It is a web-based video editor that can add effects to your green screen video, add images, remove unwanted scenes, add sound effects, choose from their stock videos, and more. Since it is a web-based editor, you will not need a computer with high specifications to edit your videos. All you need is your device and internet connection to make high-quality videos.


When delivering a speech, making essays, and writing a business proposal, it is vital that it does not contain a grammatical error, convincing, and convey a clear message and original to impress the people who will listen and read your work. The best tool to do this job is no other than the best grammar checker on the web, Grammarly.

It is a web-based platform that inspects your work to make sure that your work contains correctly spelled words, using the correct forms of the word, conveying the right message, using the proper punctuations, and most importantly, checks the originality of your work. This is very useful at school to have a high grade and at work to impress your boss.


After all the tiring tasks you accomplish every day, it is essential to have a break. Social media is an excellent way to distract yourself from obligations and tasks at work or at school. Still, sometimes it can also be a source of stress because of too much negativity in your social media followers’ posts. Nevertheless, sometimes it can also be a source of stress since you’re constantly being observed and you could possibly suffer from being bullied. Good thing Youtube is always to the rescue.

With their website, you can watch content from the billions of videos uploaded to their website. You can choose many videos from different genres such as comedy, sports, news, and entertainment. Listening to your favorite song using their website is also possible. You can enjoy all of their services without paying anything because it is entirely free.


Computer devices were made to make our lives better and to help us accomplish our tasks effectively and efficiently. But due to its human-made nature, it also has some flaws. But the good thing is that computer tools can also solve computer problems. One of the issues we encounter when using a computer is installing different software.

Installing software can be a time-consuming job because you have to find the installer, download it and install it on the device. Another problem with this software is that it consumes so much space, incompatible with the device, and sometimes contains malware. Luckily, web-based tools are always an option; they can do our tasks just like the software.

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