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What Are the Most Common ITIL Interview Questions?


What has revolutionized ITSM?

It’s the ITIL framework, of course!

With ITIl, you can align your IT services with market and business norms. ITIL v4 was a game-changer for IT service management when it was released. We all know that IT outages may cost a company money. To achieve zero downtime, ITIL 4 has shown to be a lifesaver by providing robust, proven procedures that you can apply to a wide range of service organizations and industries. Professionals qualified in ITIL v4 are in high demand nowadays.

However, finding work in ITIL is difficult.

Ahead of time, prepare for the 2021 ITIL Interview Questions. Every job interview is unique. ITIL Interview Questions and Answers are provided to assist you in preparing for your interview.

Let us provide the ten most important and frequently asked ITIL questions and their answer in this article. These questions are broken into two parts:

Basic Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is ITIL Service Lifecycle Management?

Answer: ITIL provides five layers of life cycle phases to maintain and implement changes.

Q2: What are the ITIL Service Management Metrics?


Q3. What is the RACI model?

Answer: The RACI Model is used to define ITIL roles. The RACI Model has four components.

Q4. Define Portfolio Management?

Answer: Overall, organization service management and artifacts are based on the current market and industry norms. It contains four layers to create a proper management presentation.

Advanced ITIL interview questions

Q1. How would you categorize the many IT service providers necessary for the ITIL process?

Answer: Typically, three service providers are involved in the implementation of ITIL. They do,

Q2. A service request and a change request are two distinct types of requests. What is the difference?

Answer: User-initiated service requests specify how an individual wishes to access or modify IT infrastructure. On the other hand, a change request is a proposal to alter any product or system.

Q3. In ITIL, what is the term “event management”?

Answer: Event management guarantees that the configuration services and items are observed and monitored regularly in ITIL interview questions and answers. As part of the event management process, it is possible to categorize or filter out events to examine certain activities.

Q4. CAB stands for what?

Answer: It’s a group of people committed to changing the management process. Generally, they typically handle the evaluations, authorization, scheduling, and priority of changes.

Q5. In ITIL, what is the term “CSI”?

Answer: Continuous Service Improvement is the abbreviation for the acronym CSI. It is the end of the ITIL lifecycle. The IT service provider’s entire offering is scrutinized in this phase to identify any areas that could use improvement or alteration.

End-user satisfaction is the primary goal of the Service Operations stage, which aims to keep expenses in check while also spotting any possible problems. It ensures that all IT services are recovered from any service interruption in the continuous service improvement stage. It makes it easier for companies and organizations to carry out quick analyses, allowing them to focus on business recovery better.

Advice & Suggestions

Even if you are an ITIL expert, do not “fly it” during an interview. Preparation is key.

An interview is more about getting to know the other person and getting a sense of their personality than getting answers to questions.

Concluding note

The data in this article should help you prepare for your ITIL interview. Keep in mind that ITIL is a broad topic, so you may be asked several different ITIL interview questions. Make sure you prepare for the interview according to the type of business hiring you. Some of the sample answers given here differ according to the kind of business hiring you. If you’re looking to become an expert in ITIL, consider starting with Simplilearn online courses.

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