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What is a Decentralized Internet? – Information, The Role of Citizens, and More

decentralized internet

Decentralized Internet

Before getting into the subject, we must know what we mean when we talk about the decentralized Internet.

The Internet we know today relies heavily on servers in the hands of government organizations, network access providers, and large telecommunications corporations.

So they have it pretty easy if they want to track user activities. Such as and as the documents leaking by Snowden demonstrated.

Electronic Communications Privacy Act in the United States allows the country’s security forces to obtain, without the need for a court order.

Private data that US citizens entrust to third parties, such as location information. Is collecting by mobile or mobile phones. Content of emails – even unopened ones.

Information about Decentralized Internet

It has come to be accepting that users have no control over their data and that they do not know what information they are providing and to whom,” he says Lambert.

David vs Goliath: fighting to decentralize the Internet

How do these Projects approach the battle to Decentralize the Internet?

The Role of Citizens in the Decentralization of the Internet

And when another 20 years pass?

Speaking of the future, what awaits us tomorrow?

Looking at the Internet’s evolution in the last 20 years, what will it be like in another 20 years?

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