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Who is Nithin Kamath? – About, Startup, Activity, and More

by The Digital Trendz

Who is Nithin Kamath


The Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath, the founders of Zerodha, India’s biggest stock brokerage company in terms of trade volume.

And also True Beacon, an associate quality management company (AMC).

And also, Their internet price is calculable at $1.55 billion.

The Kamath brothers started India’s 1st on-line discount securities firm such as Zerodha in 2010 with a team of 5 individuals.

And also, In addition to Zerodha, the Kamath brothers’ supported associate investment management firm True Beacon.

And also, It is geared toward ultra-high internet price investors and operates on a zero-fee model.

The AMC doesn’t charge an associate account gap fee, redemption fee and also maintenance fee.

And also, It charges a tenth performance fee on the gains at the top of the capitalist’s fiscal year.

What is the First Startup of Nithin Kamath?

Zerodha could be a combination of Zero and “Rodham,” the Indic word for a barrier.

The startup accustomed target day traders at the start. And also, Since then, the pair has full-grown massively.

And also, With over twenty-two large integer active users, the platform sees over 5 million trades a day.

“Our unquiet rating models and in-house technology have created the USA the largest stockbroker in the Republic of India in terms of active retail shoppers,” the corporate same.

Zerodha offers mercantilism in equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, and mutual funds.

A capitalist must open an associate account in Zerodha.

The equity delivery investments square measure free. Securities dealing tax is charged variably for equity delivery, equity intraday, futures, and choices.

Such as, It charges a flat fee of ₹20 for each trade, no matter its size, with no brokerage fee. It’s been adding nearly a pair of large integer accounts each month.

To empower retail traders and investors, Such as, Zerodha runs a variety of standard open on-line academic and community initiatives.

The company launched Varsity, and also a learning module to teach the young investors investment for the primary time.

What are the Activities involved by Nithin Kamath?

The number of Indians World Health Organization presently invest in stocks/MFs is ~2 crores.

  • The chance – is also another ~2 metallic element. And also, Rest most likely haven’t got the risk.

Shared by Nithin Kamath

  • Happy to announce that HDFC Bank, India’s largest personal bank & most trustworthy money whole, is currently a small case shareowner partner. We are excited to have it.

Liked by Nithin Kamath

  • It is a must-watch for those curious about the Indian stock market. @Sandeeppparekh, we’d like to seek out how to induce you to try to additional of this.

Shared by Nithin Kamath

What is the Experience of Nithin Kamath?

  • Founder & chief operating officer


2010 – Present10 years

India’s largest securities firm.

  • CEO


2015 – Present5 years

No: 153/154 fourth Cross, JP Nagar fourth section and also urban center seventy-eight

Rainmatter — an associate initiative by Zerodha — funds and also incubates innovative

  • Partner

Kamath Associates

Jan 2004 – Jan 20106 years one month

Franchisee of Reliance cash, Proprietary mercantilism and also Portfolio informatory services

  • Senior Telesales government

Manipal Infocom

Jan 2001 – Jun 20043 years half a dozen months


Traded throughout the day, Telesales at Nights (Call center centered on USA markets)

  • Proprietary dealer


Jan one997 – Jan 20014 years one month


As, the Proprietary mercantilism whereas dissimulation to attend faculty @Bangalore Institute of Technology

What is the Education of Nithin Kamath?

Such as, In Bangalore Institute of Technology.

What are Honors & Awards given to Nithin Kamath?

  • Startup of the year (Bootstrap) – 2016

Economic Times

Sep 2016

  • 10 Indian businessmen to look at out for in 2016

Economic times

Jan 2016

  • In its annual business review, the Economic Times featured Kamath mutually of the ten Indian businessmen to look at out for in 2016.
  • And also, the World Health Organization are most influential in their several industries
  • Emerging securities firm of the year – 2015

BSE and Dun & Anne Dudley Bradstreet

Oct 2015

  • Emerging securities firm of the year – 2014

BSE and Dun & also Anne Dudley Bradstreet

Oct 2014

  • And also, Emerging enterpriser of the year 2014


Mar 2014

What are Languages known by Nithin Kamath?

  • Kannada
  • Hindi
  • English
  • And also, Konkani

What are the Investments throughout COVID-19 by Nithin Kamath?

Most discount brokerages have reportable a pointy surge within the gap of recent Demat accounts throughout COVID-19.

And also, At Zerodha, the quantity of Demat accounts opened from Gregorian calendar month to surpassing the general shopper’s growth figures last year.

Such as, Nikhil Kamath is the same as the standard age of those entrant investors born to thirty, and also therefore, the average price ticket size is concerning 000.

And also, “Retail investors, when an extended time, appear to possess inherit the markets when a crash, shopping for large-capitalization.

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