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Finance & Development Write for Us

Finance & Development Write for Us

Finance & Development Write for Us: The IMF’s leading magazine and online editorial platform publishes modern analysis and insight on cutting-edge trends and studies in international finance, economics, and improvement. The print version is posted quarterly in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish, while the net edition is complemented with additional, online-only content material. Finance & Development uses each IMF body of workers and outstanding global experts. In addition, it is examined with the aid of leading policymakers, teachers, monetary practitioners, and different decision-makers around the sector.


Personal Finance

Personal finance involves analyzing a character’s or circle of relatives’ present-day economic role, predicting brief-time period and lengthy-time period wishes. And dealing with one’s desires within a price range. Personal finance may also include obtaining and using credit score playing cards, monitoring credit score ratings, coping with coins, going with the flow, shopping insurance, and mortgages, doing away with loans, filing taxes, and planning retirement. Personal banking—including checking and savings bank bills, IRAs, and 401K plans—is considered a part of private finance.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is commonly a group within an agency that handles financial and investment choices. The feature of this place is generally to maximize the price of the employer thru a quick-time period and lengthy-term monetary making plans. An enterprise’s economic method may additionally encompass capital investment selections, cutting-edge property and price range management, and stock manipulation. In addition, the corporate finance branch must manipulate debt to ensure the employer can grow nicely; it is also critical that the economic method ensures that the company has sufficient funds available to run its everyday operations, known as liquidity.

Public/Government Finance

Public or government finance relates to a central authority’s oversight of aid allocation, distribution of profits, and financial system stabilization to save you from market failure. The government mainly finances those sports thru the collection of taxes, although a government may additionally cozy loans from banks, coverage organizations, or different governments. The authorities also raise cash by gathering charges at ports, airports, and other federal-operated centers; fines for breaking the regulation; sales from licenses; and the sale of presidency securities and bonds.

Finance and Investment

Finance Specific Articles

  • Banking Information Source: Includes facts on retail and commercial banks’ international and domestic operations and credit score unions. It covers over 400 publications, with a hundred and sixty present-day full-textual content exchange magazines. Newspapers, and a few educational courses. The American Investor full-text articles started in 1987, even as other complete-text training began in 1990. Previously Banking Nonfiction Index from the American Bankers Connotation.
  • Fed in Print: Guide to all Federal Reserve Board and Banks’ publications that decided on full textual content in recent years.
  • Wall Street Journal: Eastern version; New York. The Wall Street Journal is the financial paper of file. It gives in-depth insurance of country-wide and international finance and super coverage of uncompromising news. Updated every day.
  • Financial Times: Financial Times is published outside the United Kingdom and is considered a global monetary newspaper. Choose ProQuest (ABI/Inform- Complete) to get the right of entry for ease of use.

Aims And Scope Of Journal

The Annual Review of Financial Economics presents complete, ahead-looking, and critical reviews of the maximum widespread theoretical, empirical, and experimental traits in financial economics, including capital markets, corporate finance, financial institutions, marketplace microstructure, and behavioral and experimental finance.

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