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Running a Call Center: How Software Can Improve Efficiency

by The Digital Trendz
Running a Call Center: How Software Can Improve Efficiency

Call Center are often considered the unsung heroes of customer service. They provide essential services like answering calls, taking orders, or providing technical support. In addition, call centers also generate revenue for companies.

The call center agents are usually located at a central location and communicate with customers through a headset connected to a computer. Today, call centers are becoming more automated thanks to software solutions.

These tools allow agents to spend less time on the phone and more time helping clients. Call center metrics to allow businesses to gauge the general effectiveness of their customer service agents. Here’s how software can enhance call center metrics and efficiency.

1. Continuous Training

A continuous training routine ensures your agents receive the necessary training at the right time. Focusing on new trends in customer service, best practices, and handling specific problems enables your agents to deal with the customers more competently. Customer satisfaction is a vital call center metric that measures how satisfied the customers feel with your services. So, continuous training software can help you improve customer satisfaction.

2. Clear Processes for Problem Resolution

The average handle time is a key call center metric. This is the average time an agent picks up a call when it is disconnected. When the handling time is too long, your agents may struggle to find the right responses to the customers’ concerns. On the other hand, if the handling time is too short, the agent may not offer any valuable assistance by not listening carefully or rushing the customer.

The software helps businesses deal with such issues by providing agents with best practice procedures and knowledge to eliminate errors and improve the customer service experience. In addition, you can use the guided process workflow approach to turn your agents into subject matter experts even if they lack adequate training.

3. Real-time Guidance

The right automatic call distribution system provides real-time coaching and monitoring. This guidance is quite useful, especially for new or inexperienced agents. The software allows a supervisor to listen in on a live call, giving the agents a feeling of safety because the supervisor coaches them on what to say. This minimizes errors and reduces the time metric, which is highly valuable to clients and the company. When the agent is unsure what to say, the supervisor can nudge them forward with a few words of guidance.

4. Skill-based Routing

First-call resolution is another key call center metric that refers to the number of cases resolved on the first call a customer makes to the call center. This call center metric allows you to gauge agent performance and productivity. Customers require immediate and adequate help for maximum customer satisfaction when they call. So, the company is failing its customers if they have to call multiple times or are redirected to supervisors and other agents for their issues to be solved.

Software that allows skills-based routing ensures that customers are directed to the right agents to handle their issues. This reduces call transfers and average handle time and makes first-call resolution effective.


The call center metrics are key indicators of a company’s performance. Therefore, it is advisable to use software that will enhance efficiency and ensure your customers’ problems are handled competently to enhance customer satisfaction.

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