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Solar Battery vs Tubular Battery – What’s the difference?

by The Digital Trendz
Solar Battery vs Tubular Battery

Solar Battery – Owing to advancements in solar technology and its infinite potential, organizations and individuals are rapidly shifting to this sustainable energy source. Plus, the influx of solar product manufacturers has made it convenient for homeowners and businesses to quickly shift to cleaner and greener solar energy.

Solar energy is the future. Using solar systems for homes and businesses comes with many benefits, and lower electricity bills are one of the key ones. Let’s understand the difference between a solar battery and a tubular battery and see how it can benefit you in the long run.

What Is The Difference Between A Solar Battery And A Tubular Battery?

Solar Battery

A solar power battery combines a solar cell and a battery to store energy for later use. Solar electric battery refers specifically to rechargeable batteries designed expressly for use in photovoltaic systems. A solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy and converts it to electricity that passes through the inverter for use as and when required.

The first solar energy battery was created by researchers at the Ohio State University in 2014. Solar batteries, also known as deep-cycle batteries are in no way like your typical solar products for home. Solar battery stores energy from the sun whereas traditional batteries store energy from a power source such as electricity.

Solar batteries are being used extensively for domestic, commercial, and street lighting systems as well. For an off-grid photovoltaic solar system, a battery is required to store the energy generated during the day to use it at night. As a result, solar batteries form the most important component of off-grid and grid-tied solar systems.

If your system produces more than the energy consumption, the net-metering systems allow you to send the additional energy back to the grid, thus helping you reduce your electricity bills.

Tubular Battery

A tubular battery is nothing but a lead acid battery in a cylindrical shape. Tubular batteries are commonly used in UPS and inverter systems.

They have a 5 years life span and are generally larger than flat-plate batteries. A tubular battery uses negative and positive plate electrodes. With little to moderate maintenance required, tubular batteries are highly efficient and cost-effective. Tubular batteries contain a positive plate nested within a tube wrapped in cloth that holds the power of its electrodes.

Tubular batteries come in two types, short tubular batteries, and tall tubular batteries. One edge tubular batteries have is that they are available in several shapes and sizes, that can be chosen depending on the space available.

Tubular batteries are more durable and reliable, require less water refilling, and are suitable for long-term usage. Moreover, these can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations while turning a high-voltage power flow into a moderate voltage shift.

Solar Tubular Battery

Solar tubular batteries are specially designed for solar photovoltaic applications. A solar tubular battery generally comes with a battery discharge rate specified as C10 while other normal inverter batteries are rated C20.

The current produced from solar panels doesn’t remain consistent throughout the day, these batteries can get recharged even at low charging current.

Made of selenium low antimonial alloy, these batteries work well at high temperatures, thus incorporating superior deep discharge recovery and charge acceptance attributes.

Use Genus Solar Battery for Optimum Cost Savings

Solar energy is an excellent economical, cleaner, and greener alternative to non-renewable energy resources. Solar energy is the future.

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