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Why Choose React Native for App Development?

by The Digital Trendz
Why Choose React Native for App Development

There has been a rapid increase in the demand and usage of mobile applications in the last decade. Therefore, this has led to a considerable need for cross-platform application development frameworks. Among all the cross-platform application development software available in the market, React Native is a stalwart in its field.

An Introduction to React Native:

React Native is an open-source UI (User Interface) software framework. It is used to develop applications using the React framework and the native platform side by side. It is compatible with a wide base of platforms, including macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Web, Windows, tvOS, and UWP.

You can work with React Native, create new projects, or use it with your existing iOS and Android projects. These applications that are developed using JavaScript and React Native use a single codebase that can be shared across platforms. React Native also permits you to iterate fast. So, you can easily see your changes and their effect on the application. This saves the IT helpdesk system a lot of time they would otherwise spend rewriting the code for multiple platforms.

Choose React Native for Your Mobile App Development:

In today’s digital age, all users want quick access to information, and as a company, you want to provide your users with a better and smoother mobile app experience. Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, and Bloomberg are some of the digital giants that have opted for React Native as their digital platform to give their users a superior app experience. Let’s see what sets React Native apart from other applications in the same segment:

  1. Cost-Effective: React Native is a very cost-effective option in its segment. When you are starting your own fledgling company, finances are always tight. In order to survive the cut-throat competition, you need to develop the app faster and sustain it for a longer period of time. In order to save time and costs, companies tend to develop hybrid apps. In making apps that are compatible with androids and iOS, they sometimes have to compromise on quality. This becomes a major hassle in the quality, customer satisfaction, and longevity of the app. Developing the app using React Native helps you to bypass all these problems.
  2. Cross-Platform App Development: The specialty of React Native is that it uses the same code for developing applications for both Android and iOS. The performance outcome is maintained without having to make extensive changes to the code. So using React Native allows you to develop an app for your kind of business with speed and agility. The need for different languages is done away with.
  3. Simplicity: The apps developed using React Native is simple. The codes used are simple, so the entire task of the app development becomes simpler. The code creation process is simpler as it uses the UI library developed by Facebook. The developers find the code easy to write, and the React JavaScript is easy to implement.
  4. Bug-free code due to Hot Reload: React Native can reduce the complexity due to the Hot Reload feature. This feature enables you to see the code changes immediately. The developers can see the effect of the changes made in the code and maintain the overall application simultaneously. The developer has a preview of the code and its effects, resulting in fewer mistakes. This increases the chances of a bug-free code. The hot reload function enables the developer to customize and correct the code per your business requirement.
  5. Community and Industry Support: React Native has a robust community. It has more than 2000 contributors spread across industries and the world. These contributors include stellar names such as Microsoft, Infinite Red, Software Mansion, etc. Sites like JS Coach, Native Directory, and various other libraries are available to assist you and your team in your journey with React Native.
  6. Easy To Learn: The cross-platform app development module comes with a user-friendly manual and a neatly assorted framework. So, React Native is easy to learn. As a result, general mobile app developers are able to create apps using React Native very easily. Due to its simplicity, ease and cost-effectiveness, React Native is soon set to overtake all its competitors.
  7. Concentrates on keeping the app simple and straightforward: The foundation code base for Android and iOS is the same. This cross-platform feature allows for the simplicity of the base code. This also means that the time taken to develop the app is less, and you are able to be an early bird on the app store and reap the benefits of the same. The codes are written using JS and CSS. The React Native app runs using the host platform’s JS engine. This ensures that the React Native app behaves and performs like a Native app. Its performance is precise and consistent.
  8. Updating is smoother: Changes and updates are difficult to incorporate into the app store in native apps. You need the changes and updates to be approved by Apple or Google, as the case may be. This entire problem is laid to rest by the Code Push feature in React Native. The app is automatically updated during its runtime with the help of App Center Cloud Service. This saves you the hassle of relaunching the app.
  9. Faster and Easier debugging Process: The process of debugging an app is a cumbersome and time-consuming one. Developers spend hours trying to find the problem in their code and fix it. React Native uses features such as Nuclide and console.org to help developers do the job.
  10. Pristine UI: React Native provides artistic liberty to the designers and developers of the app. This allows for a sleek, artistic, and bespoke interface that resonates with your product and company.

Speed, agility, cross-platform module, and cost-effectiveness are only a few reasons why you should opt for React Native as your app development tool. It also makes sense that you take the help of IT helpdesk solutions companies such as Atlas Systems to help you and your developers in your journey with React Native.

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