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Thermal Cameras for your Smartphone

by The Digital Trendz
Thermal Cameras for your Smartphone


Seek Compact is made for the best iPhone and Android TM models and turns your phone or tablet into a professional thermal imaging tool. Using the power and convenience of your phone, our cameras make it easy to take thermal photos and videos, share your findings, and send them for documentation. Just plug it in, and it will find energy loss caused by air leaks, missing or damaged insulation, inefficient HVAC systems, electrical problems, and much more. Plus, Seek Compact cameras are made to run on a small amount of power from your smartphone.

Phones can have different kinds of thermal cameras:

  • Compact: Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging can help find places in homes, businesses, and factories where energy is being wasted or where there are electrical hazards. Building Professionals can do inspections quickly and accurately with the Seek Compact. They don’t have to crawl through attics and crawlspaces or make holes in walls to look for moisture, air leaks, and insulation gaps.

  • Compact XR: Extra Range Thermal Imaging Camera

Keep an eye on everything, including things you can’t see. Using the Seek CompactXR for a visual assessment has some unique benefits, especially at dawn, dusk, and over long distances where there isn’t much light. Thermal imaging looks for heat, which is a sign that people, animals, or other things are sending out energy (or heat). This makes it easier to find and feel the heat at night when bright lights would be distracting. The CompactPRO is a high-resolution thermal imaging camera.

  • Compact Pro: High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera

If you want a smartphone thermal camera with the best image clarity and sensitivity, look no further than the CompactPRO. With level and span controls, you can see more thermal detail where you need it most. When accuracy is important, there are four easy-to-use presets for emissivity that can make up for surfaces that reflect light.

  • The CompactProXR : High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera.

The CompactPRO XR is our best smartphone thermal imaging camera. It has the most distance and the best quality. The portable, battery-free design has a high-quality 9.1 mm focal length lens and a 320 x 240 sensor that can detect heat signatures from up to 2,400 ft (750 m) away. You can change the thermal Span & Level and emissivity settings, and you can choose from 10 different color palettes to make your thermal image look exactly how you want it to. The CompactPRO XR is affordable, has better clarity, and is easier to carry, so it can be used for any mission.


Android devices with the needed software must also have a USB-C port or Micro USB port and support powered USB OTG. The needed software must be running on an iOS device with a lightning connector port. Visit the Help Center to learn what you need for Android and what you need for iOS.

Compatibility with smartphone cases:

Some thicker smartphone cases, especially those made to be more durable, don’t leave enough space around the connection port. To use the imager, you either have to take off the case or connect it with an extender or adapter.


Another thermal camera that works with Android devices is the Thermal App. Most of the time, a clip holds it to the side of the phone. It has a cable that connects to a smartphone and gets its power from the phone. The first smartphone in the world to have a thermal camera CAT S60 debuts in India. The S60, a rugged smartphone made by the American company Caterpillar, better known as CAT, has been released in India. The phone was first shown at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, which happened almost a year ago.


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