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What is Technology? – Definition, characteristics, Types and More

by The Digital Trendz


Technology is that the set of data and techniques that square measure applied in an orderly manner to attain a precise objective or solve a retardant.

The technology could be a response to man’s need to rework the atmosphere and improve his quality of life.

It includes information and techniques developed over time that square measure employed in an organized means to satisfy a necessity.

The word technology comes from the union of 2 Greek words: “tekne”, that is the technique, art and, “logia”, which implies ability over one thing.

What are the Characteristics of Technology?

It is a gift all told areas of non-public life and in society, like work, education, medicine, communication.

This permits to manufacture new objects: through it, the creature modifies the atmosphere that surrounds him.

It is accountable for most of man’s discoveries.

It is subject to alter (technological changes occur discontinuously)

Its developments involve cultural, labour and social changes.

Uneven technological development will generate social and economic gaps among a community or between regions or nations.

What are the Types of technology?

Technology is classifying in keeping with numerous criteria.

For instance, in keeping with its materiality, it’s divided into:

According to the kind of product

Hard technologies

They use parts of the arduous sciences like engineering, mechanics, arithmetic,  physics,  chemistry.

The merchandise that is obtaining is visible and tangible; that is, it’s the assembly of fabric merchandise.

For example,the event of a mobile device.

Soft technologies

they’ve supported the humanistic or soft sciences, like social science,  psychology,  economics.

In general, they’re customizing improve processes and win immense potency in establishments or corporations.

The product obtained is neither visible nor tangible since it consists of the event of services, strategies, theories.

For example the event of computer code.

According to the extent of innovation

Cutting edge technologies

Also known as “high technologies” or “latest technology”, they’re a lot of advanced technologies, on the market in a very bound place and time.

Appropriate technologies

{they square measure|they’re} technologies that are designing taking into consideration the environmental, social and economic impact in a very given society.

  1. Depending on your application

Operating technologies

they’re obtaining once a protracted amount of your time of study, observation and knowledge.

Computer Technologies

the makers of an actual product develop them.

Product technologies

They mix tools and information to provide a specific product.

What is the Use of Technology?

Technology is one amongst the four factors of production alongside capital, land and labour.

Man uses technology to satisfy his desires, which can involve remodelling his atmosphere, resolution issues, increasing potency, up aesthetics, etc.

Well-used technology will improve people’s quality of life (such because the development of cleaner production methods).

However, misused, it will cause excellent damage to individuals and society (for example, the utilization of technology for attacks and crimes).

What is the Importance of Technology?

He discoveries and also the look of recent tools created through technology were vital to human and social development.

Technology brings pleasant discoveries that build it doable to boost production, save time, increase the standard of life, facilitate life in society, shorten distances, get to grasp the world.

Technology emerged as a necessity for man to satisfy individual and collective desires mistreatment knowledge domain and techniques to unravel issues and satisfy their desires.

It has allowed people at large to grasp thorough the atmosphere that surrounds them and to switch it to attain their ends.

Technology has brought discoveries within the field of medication, advances in access to info, communication and transportation, within the simplification of tasks.

What are the Examples of Technology?

  • Cryptocurrencies

They are a sort of digital currency that uses distributed ledger technology (allows you to record and synchronize transactions between multiple users in several locations).

•  3d print

it’s a sort of addition printing that expeditiously creates distinctive components and complicated geometries on the right style of materials.

Through 3D printing, a three-dimensional object is making by superimposing the layers of materials, and it is employing in several industries for various uses.

•  Artificial intelligence

It involves the creation of machines that mimic the psychological feature functions of people at large.

This technology is employing in numerous disciplines like political economy, medicine, transportation, game computer code, systems management, handwriting recognition, speech recognition.

  • Autonomous vehicles

Technology is employed to form driverless cars that square measure programmed to mimic human capabilities for driving and management.

This sort of auto perceives the atmosphere mistreatment optical device systems, radars, processed vision.

•  Biotechnology

it’s the discipline that uses technology to form merchandise from biological systems and living organisms.

Biotechnology has been accountable for the creation of vaccines and antibodies and is employing in medication, agriculture, business and care of the atmosphere

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