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How Can FaxBridge Be Utilized in Business?

by The Digital Trendz

Many companies still use their old fax machines to send and receive faxes due to budgetary constraints. However, with a new technologically advanced device, they can take a step into more modern faxing processes. FaxBridge is an extraordinary and cost-effective device that connects the fax machine to the company’s internet services and sends and receives faxes online. The VoIP design gives companies what they need for less. Discover more here about how to use FaxBridge and get terrific benefits. 

Bridge the Devices

FaxBridge is an effective device used to connect a traditional fax machine to the company’s internet services and network. The product creates a bridge between the devices and allows workers to send or receive faxes through VoIP instead a phone line. VoIP services are beneficial and transmit faxes at a faster rate than phone lines. Workers won’t face a busy signal when sending a fax, and the transmission is instant. Learn more about FaxBridge from mFax and get better use of your traditional fax machine. 

How to Connect FaxBridge

The FaxBridge device has many ports to establish connections. Business owners plug one end of standard phone cables into the FAX port and the other end into the LINE port on the traditional fax machine. Next, locate the WAN port on the FaxBridge device and connect the network router to one end of an Ethernet cable while plugging the other end into the port.

After inserting the power cord into the PWR port, place it in a nearby outlet. The gadget is operational as soon as all of the wires and cables are connected. Service providers configure the device for businesses, and the owner doesn’t have to set up an appointment with a technician to complete the setup process.   

What Can You Do With These Devices?

Companies that install the FaxBridge device get the best of both worlds, and they can use their traditional fax machine and an online account to send and receive faxes over the internet. Companies maintain more flexibility by using fax machines and online services. Workers don’t have to spend a long time trying to send or receive faxes, and they don’t have to look through a pile of printed faxes to find the documents they need or see confidential information unintentionally.  

What Benefits Do You Receive from FaxBridge?

Companies save money by using VoIP faxing services, and their data remains safe. The risks are lower for customers, the business, and their partners, and the faxes they receive go straight to an online file using cloud storage. Documents that aren’t saved on the network or on a workstation are sent via the traditional fax machine, and workers can load all the pages easily.  

Maintain Options for Your Business

Versatility is important to businesses, and the owners need more options for sending and receiving faxes. VoIP faxing services let them manage faxes online or through the fax machine, and business owners improve business operations with both options. Worker productivity levels are higher, and tasks are completed faster.  

Faxing services are a must for all businesses, and today, more businesses can finally get the benefits of online faxing and still use their traditional fax machines. VoIP services are available by using the FaxBridge device and connecting it to the fax machine and the company’s network router. Talk to a vendor to get FaxBridge and get the advantages of faxing over the internet. 

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