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Great Ways to Utilise Online Learning Platforms

by The Digital Trendz
Online Learning Platforms

Online Learning Platforms have always been around to help students revise outside of school. However, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, these learning platforms are more prevalent than ever before. Any subject or test you can think of you will find an online learning resource for it. Therefore, whether you’re studying for prep tests or master’s material, there will be a way for you to utilise them. Throughout this article, we will tell you how to get the best out of online learning platforms.

Study Practice Tests

When you’re studying at home without the guidance of a teacher, you should teach yourself based on upcoming tests. You will find countless online preparation learning resources to help you with your exams. Alongside practice tests, you will find syllabus material to help keep you on track. Completing practice tests allows you to gauge your ability, and you can use the learning material to improve.

Set SMART Goals

Learning from home is convenient because you don’t have to deal with the commute to school or teachers. However, it’s challenging to stay motivated and track your learning. Therefore, you should create goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based (SMART). If you set regular SMART goals, you will manage your time better and recognise when you have achieved a milestone. If you have an assignment or test to study for, break down the content to make the overall goal manageable.

Write Physical Notes

When you use online learning resources, your study material and tests will be taken online, but you should write up physical notes. However, you may believe that videos and material count as an alternative to your written notes, but you would be mistaken. When you actively write notes, you need to process the material, which means that your brain actively engages with the learning.

Follow Up

When you’ve completed an online lesson and written the notes, there’s no point in just moving onto the next topic. Instead, you need to make sure that you revisit topics to test your knowledge. You may feel like you understand a topic at the time of learning, but you don’t want to forget the information when the exam comes.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Learning from home might sound easy because you can get cosy in the corner of your room and get to it. Unfortunately, when you’re learning at home, there are countless distractions around that make studying the least desirable choice. With this in mind, you need to cut yourself some slack if you find yourself procrastinating for a while. The most important part is to make sure you are sticking to your SMART goals.

Get Disciplined

When you’re learning from home, you need to hold the same level of discipline as you would if you were taking part in physical lessons. Try to allocate chunks of the day to a particular topic and take breaks and lunch breaks as you would during a typical school day. If you create a timetable at the beginning of the week, you will have grounds to hold yourself accountable if you miss a study session.

Online learning platforms are a valuable resource for any student, but there is an art to getting the most out of them. You need to treat your online learning resource as you would a human; if you make study plans, you need to stick to them. When you’re building your schedule, you need to take into consideration any SMART targets, leaving time to review them regularly. Finally, you need to try and enjoy the process and cut yourself some slack if you fall off track.

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