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The Quest To Find The Right Dog Supplements

by The Digital Trendz
Dog Supplements

Dog Supplements – Many pet owners underestimate the importance of supplements. They think that as long as their dogs have food, water, and daily exercise, they are doing fine.

That may be right up to a point, but your dogs also need to have supplements to enhance their health. The common misconception is that vitamins only help superficially. They can make the hair appear more lustrous, help to boost their appetite, and so on. But it’s more than just helping them to look good. The vitamins are also for their wellbeing.

There is a lot of dog food with claims of being the best in its class, saying that they have complete vitamins that your pup needs. But the truth is, they are still short from being complete. Your dog still needs some extra vitamins and other supplements based on their needs.

Understand What To Look For

Keep in mind that some breeds are prone to more severe health issues (read more). Small dogs such as cocker spaniels, chihuahua, and other miniature dogs are cute. But they are susceptible to leaky heart syndrome or DMVD.

The Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease or DMVD is a genetic issue that may occur as they grow older. In short, their heart valve won’t close and will deliver the blood back to the left atrium instead of going forward. Since it’s mostly genetic, the owner hardly can do a thing about it.

Thankfully, you can notice the symptoms as early as within their first three years. So you still have time to adjust their diet into a low-sodium one. And don’t forget to give them some fish oil as supplements.

Larger dogs such as German Shepherd and St. Bernards are also prone to health issues. Most of their issues involve their joints. Regarding their sizes, the issue seems acceptable.

Sadly, many pet owners associate the issue with dog joints with something to do with old age. The symptoms are more apparent in older dogs, but osteoarthritis can happen to any dog at any age. Yes, that includes a puppy as well.

In some rare cases, a pup was born with a genetic defect that forced them to limp on one side before eventually lose one leg. The next question is on how to make its life have more meaning and keeping the spirits high.

Osteoarthritis is also one of the most common pet issues. About 1 in every four dogs suffer from a mild to chronic case. And not all of them are septuagenarian. Although getting them to move is a good way to prevent this, there are also supplements, called CBD for dogs, made to help strengthen these areas. In the most severe cases, your dog may have to go under the knife and have its hips replaced.

Since it can be very costly, most vets will give you this option only if they are sure that your dog will have a better life after the surgery. Also, it doesn’t mean that your dog is off treatment afterwards. You still have to book a regular checkup to measure their wellbeing.

Many vets would suggest supplements that have Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Both are known to have substances that help alleviate pain, lower swelling, and eventually improve cartilage repair.

Dog Supplements – Some Last Notes

First of all, human supplements don’t work for your pet. They may have similar chemicals, but essentially they are two different things. Just like you cannot take your dog’s food and vitamins, they also shouldn’t take yours.

If you’re looking for supplements, you should look if the product is safe and passed the quality check from related agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has a subsidiary that controls animal food and supplements.

You also can look for the approval stamp from NASC. The National Animal Supplement Council is there to help to regulate the massive number of pet food and supplements in the market. Products that have stamps from both agencies mean that they are complying with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and have passed the strenuous tests to show that their products are safe for your pet to consume.

Another thing to remember is that there’s a dosage use (link: http://dogaware.com/diet/supplements.html). Vitamins and other supplements are not magic cures. You can’t see the result within days after the first time giving it. Double the dosage also won’t work to haste the process. Instead, you may put your pet at risk that way.

Also, pay attention to their habit and preferences. Some dogs may enjoy taking supplements, as they have no problem opening their mouths for one. But some dogs may resist and require more effort from you. It is your task to figure out the best way to give them the vitamins they need. Will they notice it if you sneak some in their meal or treat?

Owning a dog is a lifelong commitment as they are in your life for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you’re adopting from a shop or rescuing one from a pup mill. They all deserve the chance to have a better life, and it’s your responsibility to give them all the love that you have.

Keep in mind that each animal comes with its issues. And unfortunately, to some, their genetic codes enhance the chance for them to catch the diseases. That is why the parents need to understand all the health risks of the breed.

Giving them Dog Supplements on top of their regular meal and treats is just one way to show your love. Never forget to recognize their needs and personality. Remember, they are your best friends for life.

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