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What is Windows Administrator? – Definition, Role, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Windows Administrator? – Definition, Role, and More - 2020


In all Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions, there must be at least one windows administrator account.

The Administrator manages the service, user accounts, and devices.

If you are the one who registered the subscription, you are also the global Administrator of the subscription.

Another way to become an administrator is to have another administrator authorize you.

Although you always need at least one administrator role for your subscription, it can pose a security risk if an external user compromises the administrator account.

We recommend that you only assign the administrator role to users who need it and that the rest (the majority) have user roles.

In Labs 1a and 1b, we installed the OS onto a reference device and made customizations in audit mode. This lab describes several ways to lock down your device using device lockdown features that are built into Windows. The order in which you enable these features is not important, and you can enable some, all, or none of the features, depending on the device you are building.

What is the Role of Windows Administrator?

Here’s how to switch from a user role to an administrator role

After you are signing in to Microsoft 365, select the application launcher.

If you can see the Administrator button, you are an administrator.

Select Administrator to go to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Choose Users > Active Users in the left navigation pane.

Select the person you want to be an administrator. User details will appear in the right dialog box.

·         Choose Manage roles

Clear the User (no administrator access) check box </c1>, and then select one of the administrator roles.

To learn more about a part, hover over the exclamation point (!) And read the tooltip.

To assign the User the same position that you have, select Global Administrator </c0>.

·         Select Save changes

Create an administrator account

You can also create a dedicated administrator account for an IT person or service:

After you are signing in to Microsoft 365, select the application launcher.

Select Administrator to go to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Choose Users > Active Users in the left navigation pane.

·         Select Add a user

Type the name, the surname, the Display Name, and User Name, and select Next.

Choose to Create a User without a product license.

This adds a new user but does not need to pay for a monthly subscription. Select Next.

·         Open Roles

Clear the User (no administrator access) check box, and then select one of the administrator roles.

Select Next.

Check that the information is correct and select Finish adding.

Select Close.

How to Enable an account as the Windows Administrator?

As we have indicated, the administrator account is hidden and inactive.

It is not the only one, since others such as the “guest” user are also usually created but inactive.

Naturally, in previous versions of Microsoft operating systems, it was enough to go from the Control Panel to Administrative Tools.

The quickest option is to do it through the System Administrator.

Right-clicking on the start button, we choose the Command Prompt (Administrator) option.

Here the window where to add the commands opens, and we type, Net user administrator / active yes.

From here, it will appear as any other user in the accounts to be able to change the password and manage it.

All you have to do is select one of them and press the reset password button for the administrator user to have a new password.

First, make sure you have administrator rights.

It seems obvious, but maybe you don’t have administrator privileges on a computer because the owner doesn’t want you.

You have probably been limiting to a standard account, so you cannot make significant changes.

If you need administrator access on someone else’s computer, ask them to make the change or update your account with administrator rights.

Unfortunately, we cannot show you how to get around administrator restrictions in Windows 10 for a school computer or similar.

The controls implementing by the computer operator must be observing.

How to Know your Account on Windows Administrator?

If the computer is yours and you have created a user account on it, you are most likely the Administrator of it.

On the other hand, if the computer is shared, for example, your work PC, you most likely do not have these permissions granted.

Even so, there are occasions where previously access to a user has been blocked or restricted in Windows.

So that in this way, it is difficult to obtain these permissions.

There are different ways to check if you have administrator rights or the Administrator on the computer you are using.

You can do this through the system settings, in the control panel, or thanks to commands executed in an operating system prompt window.

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