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Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

by The Digital Trendz
Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

Too Far in Debt to Live in Peace and Joy

If you are in debt with credit cards, medical bills, student loans, and more and cannot seem to gain any headway in paying your debt down, perhaps it is time to call for a free, no-obligation consultation with a seasoned and experienced bankruptcy attorney. We fully understand that the word bankruptcy is a scary word. However, please give our bankruptcy attorney a call when you begin putting most of your hard-earned money on interest and late fees and find it challenging to buy the essentials of life.

If you find you cannot pay many of your bills because there are too many of them, it may be time to file for bankruptcy. When you believe you are at the end of your rope with your debt, we have possible solutions to help you get on track with your debt.

Bad things happen to financially responsible citizens every day. Many extenuating circumstances increase your debt load so that you cannot pay your bills any longer. Many individuals are going through most of the same money crunch as you. Some of the following may have happened to you. Did some or a combination of these issues put you in a financial bind, such as, but not limited to, the following credit issues?

  • An unexpected job loss
  • A significant health setback causes mounting medical bills for you or a family member.
  • An unexpected and significant car or home repair causes you to use credit cards to pay for essentials such as mortgage payments, car payments, groceries, and heating, sending your credit cards spiraling out of control.
  • Are you overburdened with student debt?
  • Divorces can cause the need to seek a bankruptcy attorney.
  • Too many creditors in collections
  • Tax debt

Reasons to Call a Bankruptcy Attorney

The following reasons are why it is time to call a seasoned bankruptcy attorney. No bankruptcy is ever the same due to different incomes, debts, and circumstances. While most state laws are the same, there remain a few differences in bankruptcy laws from state to state. After you meet with our esteemed bankruptcy attorney and you find out that your best path towards financial freedom may be bankruptcy, please follow the advice of this dedicated financial attorney to get back on track with your debt and give you a fresh financial start.

  • When your financial situation becomes dire, our seasoned and experienced attorney will look at your financial situation and let you know if bankruptcy is indeed the path you need to take.
  • Our attorney stops the repossession process.
  • Our attorney stops the mortgage foreclosure process.
  • Our attorney will not advise you to take the bankruptcy route if there are better options for you. Our attorney will give you recommendations to get back on track with your finances when bankruptcy is not suitable for your situation.
  • Most citizens needing to file bankruptcy cannot navigate the Ohio bankruptcy laws, the courts, and Ohio’s judicial system.
  • There are different bankruptcy types available, and given your financial situation, you probably do not know which one is best for you.
  • There are various timeframes in which documents need filing, and your attorney takes this burden off your shoulders.
  • Ends garnishment of wages
  • The attorney evaluates your unique and individualized case, counsels you, and helps to reorganize your debt.
  • Enters into debt settlement negotiations with your creditors
  • Our attorney knows the Ohio Bankruptcy Laws.
  • Your bankruptcy attorney knows how to maneuver through the courts and the Ohio legal system.
  • Your attorney takes many burdens off your shoulders. Hiring your attorney takes stress off relationships within your family unit and helps to increase your work productivity in the workplace. Severe money issues are one of the most significant reasons couples divorce and children develop behavior problems and falling grades in school.
  • Our attorney takes your fears of repossession and foreclosure away by stopping the process.
  • Our attorney can lower your debt load.
  • Our attorney speaks with and deals with your creditors and puts a stop to threatening collection calls.
  • Our attorney gives you support and guidance before, during, and after bankruptcy.
  • A bankruptcy attorney helps to eliminate debt.
  • Our attorney stops civil lawsuits against you.

When bankruptcy is the right pathway for you, never feel embarrassed or guilty. You are not alone when dire circumstances happen to you. Follow your attorney’s recommendations for a healthier financial future and give us a call today. We stand ready to help you and support your financial future.

A Call for Financial Help

You may think that if you cannot afford to pay your bills, how can you afford to hire a Dayton bankruptcy lawyer?” Never believe that you cannot afford to hire a bankruptcy attorney and that this move will bring you more debt. The opposite is true, and we can explain it to you. We want to meet you and hear your story. We want to help you out of debt and give you a new lease on life.

It will cost you more in the end if you do not hire a seasoned and experienced bankruptcy attorney. We show you how bankruptcy is an organized process in which you and our attorney take baby steps towards a stronger financial future.

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