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What is C++ Programming? – Definition, Characteristics, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is C++ Programming? – Definition, Characteristics, and More


C++ Programming was first known as “C with classes.”

Then it is changed to C ++, which means “C increment,” implying that it is an extension of the C programming language.

A programming language is a set of rules (syntax) that are clearly and precisely specify.

The instructions are on paper in that language.

The goal of a programming language is to translate problem-solving tasks into precise sequences of instructions.

It is equivalent to the human solution to be solved by a digital electronic computer.

What are the Characteristics of C ++ Programming?

1.      Library Support

Through libraries, many functions are available that help you write code quickly.

2.      Object-Oriented

The focus of programming is on objects and the manipulation and configuration of their various parameters or properties.

3.      Speed

The compilation and execution of a C ++ program are much faster than in most programming languages.

4.      Compilation

In C ++, it is necessary to compile the low-level code before executing, something that does not happen in other languages.

5.      Pointers

C language pointers are also available in C ++.

6.      Didactic

Learning C ++ programming makes it much easier to learn languages ​​like Java, C #, PHP, Javascript, etc.

What are the Applications and Uses of C ++ Programming?

The applications of the C ++ language are pervasive.

We can name that WEB browsers, operating systems, databases, videogames, compilers, etc.

These are written or have enough of their structure, programmed C ++.

·         Databases

MySQL, one of the most used databases, is written in C ++.

·         WEB browsers

They use C ++ because they need speed when displaying the results on the screen.

·         Operating systems

The central column of both Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, is written in C ++.

Its power and speed make it an ideal programming language for programming an operating system.

·         Compilers

The compilers of many programming languages ​​are on paper in C ++.

·         Videogames

C ++ is still used in video games, either to program graphics engines or for a specific part of the videogame.

What are the Versions of C++ Programming?

The most current version of C ++ is 17, and it is from the year 2017 and replaces the 14 of 2014.

The next version is schedule to appear in 2020 and will be called, following the same tradition, C ++ 20.

C ++ is a robust and well-designe language that has been updating over the years.

Its power and ability to program in assembler allow it to remain one of today’s best programming options.

Learning to program in C ++ is still a great value that will open the market doors to many programmers in 2019.

Before the decision to learn a new programming language, C ++ should be the priority.

What are the Types of C++ Programming?

There are different types of C++ programming languages

Procedural, Functional, Object-oriented,` and Graphics-oriented.

For example

the LISP variant uses Auto-CAD, does not confuse graphics with images/photos, is relationship-oriented, etc.

Within these models, C ++ was born as a response to C for object-orienting programming.

Although due to the nature of electronic computing, it requires a procedural component.

For example

Implementing an object’s methods is complete with a procedure, which is commonly call as subroutine.

Thus, C ++ implements concepts of structured programming, functional programming, and modular programming.

That was all the rage among computer scientists when it was born, but its most important contribution was implementing object-oriented programming.

What the Advantages and Disadvantages of C ++ Programming?

The advantages it has are very significant as we have already seen and it is worth the effort necessary to learn it.

The main advantages of programming in C ++ are

A.      High performance

It is one of its main characteristics, the high performance it offers.

Its because it can make direct calls to the operating system.

It is a compiled language for each platform.

It has a wide variety of optimization parameters, and it integrates directly with the assembly language.

B.      Updated language

Although it is already many years old, the language has been updating, allowing it to create, relate and operate with complex data, and has implemented multiple design patterns.

C.      Widespread

C and C ++ are widespread.

Almost any program or system writ or has some part written in these languages.


The main disadvantage of C ++ is that it is an inclusive language.

It has to be compile by platform, and its debugging is complicating due to errors that arise.

Furthermore, managing libraries is more complicated than other languages ​​such as Java.

Net and its learning curve are very high.

What is the Importance of C++ Programming?

  • An essential aspect is security, and C ++ suffering from security problems since its origins in C.
  • To generate very efficient codes, the security of the code was forgot.
  • One of C’s most criticized characteristics is that the memory of the programs might be corrupting very quickly.
  • Programmers widely used this feature to make very compact and swift code, but hackers soon used it to access computer systems, unfortunately illegally.
  • This feature was inheriting by C ++ implementations and took a long time time to correct.
  • Nowadays, compilers are more strict with these programming vices, but it is still a door susceptible to misuse.


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