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6 Reasons Why PDFBear Is The Leading Converter Tool

by The Digital Trendz

If you are looking for a quick and reliable PDF converter, you don’t need to read a thick manual book to learn and see how. There’s a leading PDF software available on the internet now. It’s freely accessible! Not all software offers free access to tools, and most of them are unreliable.

Luckily, PDFBear is here to serve you with your PDF files, especially when you need to convert them into Word documents. It has all the incredible features you need in a reliable converter. Here, find out five of the essential features and the reasons that explain why PDFBear is a leading software.

It’s An Easy To Use Converter

Over hundreds of PDF converter tools online, most of them are confusing and need tech-savvy people to help you manipulate the tool. However, PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter is different. It is purposefully designed to be straightforward so that whoever uses it can finish a conversion process without any trouble.

The four-step process is tested and proven to help even ordinary people do conversions by themselves. On top of that, it doesn’t take longer than two minutes to convert a PDF to a Word file. The process starts when you upload a PDF file into their server. You may use the “drag-and-drop” feature for quicker upload.

Subsequently, when file uploading is complete, the tool will scan and extract the texts from the file pages. From there, you don’t need to do anything except wait for a few seconds until the conversion process is done. The last step will be the downloading of a freshly converted file. You may save it to your device or share it on your Google Drive and Dropbox.

Secures Your Files

Most people are skeptical about uploading their confidential files online. Most of these files contain business profiles and documents or a research study, which PDFBear is aware of. That’s why the software works with a superb security system — 256-Bit SSL Encryption, that secures all uploaded and downloaded files from unwanted people online.

Besides that, PDFBear also uses a technology that investigates their server for any files lingering on their website and permanently removes it one hour after the conversion process. With that, you no longer have to worry about it when using the conversion tool.

PDFBear Offers The Best Quality

Quality should come next to security. It’s what most people look for in PDF software. With PDFBear, you will convert your files with Solid-Framework as partnered with PDFBear, guaranteed to give you an accurate and high-quality conversion.

It is all guaranteed to get back the same formatting, exactly how your file looks before the conversion. In turn, you will only have to work on simple edits as you download back your file as a Word document.

It Supports All Operating Systems And Browsers

When using an online converter tool, it is only essential to have it more convenient and efficient since that’s the reason why you need a tool. With PDFBear, convenience and efficiency are true and present. This PDF site supports all operating systems. Which means you can use any device with Linux-based, Mac-based, or even Windows-based operating systems.

It also supports any internet browser, but it’s highly recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Also, PDFBear is accessible on any mobile phone, whether it’s Android or iOS.

No Installations Needed

PDFBear has made it even more convenient with its “no-installation-required” feature. You can convert any PDF file anytime and anywhere without having to download and install multiple applications or software. This feature is the reason why PDFBear has become universally available for everyone who needs a converter.

User-Friendly Software

Most people who look for PDF software want it to be simple and not confusing. PDFBear’s idea on a simple look on their webpage is a great way to attract people who are already dealing with many words from their files and documents. PDFBear uses a simple font style and a color motif that is cool and relaxing to the eyes.

Moreover, PDFBear also has pre-installed tools and options on an organized page so the users won’t have to go looking for many buttons and options when using any tools.


Here’s the final verdict, it’s always so important to find a PDF partner that can help you with anything that involves your confidential PDF documents. A software like PDFBear will save you a huge amount of money, effort, and time. Whenever you need a PDF to Word conversion tool, PDFBear is the best and only keyword for a reliable and easy-to-use one.

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