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What is Flower Aura? – Definition, Colours, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Flower Aura? – Definition, Colours, and More - The Digital Trendz


The Flower Aura applied to plants and flowers.

And also, The aura is a field of energy emanated, which helps find the real inner state.

The aura allows us to discover both the most material questions and those more spiritual.

In the aura, there is a difference between the primary color and the secondary colors.

And also, The primary color is permanent and only mutates in particular circumstances.

It expresses the positive and negative qualities of each living being or object.

Instead, the secondary colors help to understand the momentary inner state.

To find out what colors the aura emanates, be it from a person, an animal, a plant, or an object, the Kirlian camera.

How does the Colour relate to Flower Aura?

In this way, each color indicates or relates to a different aspect

·         Red

It is associated with growth.

·         Orange

It indicates the production of seeds or the awakening of flowers.

·         Yellow

It means a lack of vitality, especially if the color is not intense.

·         Golden color

It symbolizes smoothness and positive fluids.

·         Green

It shows the emission of intense waves of positive energy.

It is prevalent in plants that have healing properties.

·         Blue

It indicates calming and analgesic properties.

·         Violet

It is a sign of a positive force, to the point that violets and lotus flowers.

It usually has the aura of that color.

·         Crystal

It can both be positive and indicate a lack of vigor and vulnerability.

What are the Examples of Flower Aura?

1.      Golden Essences

Golden Essences are vibrational remedies.

Although they are related to conventional flower essences, they differ due to their power and energy directionality.

This difference is due to the production processes.

Both conventional floral protocols and alchemical protocols are synthesizing for the elaboration of golden essences.

And also, The latter gives them a particular resonance or vibration called “golden.”

A work of evolution that starts from the material, the dense, transforms and purifies it to reach the light, the subtle energy.

2.      Affirmations

Affirmations to use in conjunction with each flower essence.

Flower essences work by resonance with our energy body.

And also, Each flower has an energetic vibration of a specific frequency.

Which when in contact with our body’s electromagnetic field.

Either orally or topically, it can enter into resonance, helping to balance certain emotions.

It happens because emotions modify the body’s energy field (which is known as aura).

And also, inversely, we can act on the emotional body through the energy field.

3.      Radiations

In our life, we ​​are always influencing by radiation from different sources.

Such as solar, telluric, electromagnetic, radioactivity, etc.

And also, That can be of both natural and artificial origin.

This type of radiation encompasses energies, varied and heterogeneous phenomena.

Under underground water currents, faults, fissures of different substrates of the subsoil and Hartmann and Curry lines.

The radioactivity comes from the disintegration of atoms.

And also, It can be natural or artificial, under the influence of external energy.

Such as a bombardment of high-speed particles such as cosmic rays or as produced by a particle accelerator.

What is the Solution for Flower Aura?

Yarrow Environmental Solution

Yarrow Environmental Solution is a highly beneficial blend of flower essences.

And also, whole plant tinctures in a sea salt base.

Its purpose is to strengthen and protect against toxic environmental influences, geopathic stress, and others.

It includes the disturbing effects of radiation on the human electromagnetic field (known as aura).

From: X-rays, televisions, laptops, mobiles, Wi-Fi, airplane flights, or nuclear leaks.

Yarrow reinforces people’s aura so that outside influences cannot gain ground in their spirits’ background.

It protects us from everything that assails us and weighs us, making us feel vulnerable, influenceable, sensitive, and affected by the environment.

And also, The thought, action, or intentions of those around us.

1.      Pink Yarrow

It helps establish a loving connection with others while keeping our energy gently contained.

2.      Golden Yarrow

For sensitive, anxious people who would like to participate actively.

But tend to avoid performing at social events and shy away from public attention due to fear and insecurity caused by their incredible sensitivity.

3.      Arnica

To treat people who, after suffering a traumatic event in their lives.

That they have not been able to manage at the time it happened, are deeply affected.

And also, Which has affected their lives ever since.



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