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What is the Calculator? – Definition, Features, Types, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is the Calculator? – Definition, Features, Types, and More - 2021


Calculators are the people of the time who make calculations of everything.

Today they are electronic, and many have a built-in printer.

There are different ones due to their complexity and their uses and thus change their purpose.

As their name indicates, scientific calculators are more complex and statistical calculations based on data already supplied.

The Calculator has undergone significant transformations through time.

It is from being a more complicated and extensive device to fit in a trouser pocket.

This is an application with which mathematical operations are carrying out.

It is an electronic machine with which arithmetic calculations are done.

What the Features of the Calculator?

Beyond basic operations such as addition or multiplication.

Calculators have functions from different mathematics fields.

Such as statistics, trigonometry, geometry, algebra, finance, differential equations, calculus, and even with appropriate physics, biology, or chemistry tools.

Likewise, some calculators allow the introduction of text and graphics both from the keyboard and from a computer.

Generally using a USB cable and compatible software.

In this case, it is essential to find a brand that offers a compatible and updated suite.

Complete scientific calculators and graphs also include the computational algebraic system or CAS.

A tool that facilitates symbolic calculation, or what is the same, can operate with variables.

In this way, you can enter “a + b,” and the device will understand that it is the sum of two variables to assign different values ​​without giving them a specific value.

What are the Types and Models of Calculator?

Beyond these general considerations, the real differential factor between one Calculator and another is the Calculator type.

The calculators used academically are scientific, financial, and graphical.

·         Scientific calculators

An excellent scientific calculator is usually sufficient for high school and many technical careers.

That does not require a complete calculator, either because they are not allowed in exams or because software such as Matlab uses for mathematical modeling.

Taking into account that the price of scientific calculators ranges from 10 to 50 euros.

It could be saying that we are facing an affordable investment.

That is why we must make an excellent choice to ensure that we maximize your life and profits.

After all, the difference in price between one and the other is not significant.

·         Financial Calculators

Financial calculators have statistical math and economy functions on your keyboard.

Thus, the classic sine or cosine keys give way to others that allow calculating amortizations, returns, etc.

These operations are formulas that could be calculating with scientific calculators.

Some social science students opt for scientific calculators due to their greater variety of formats, prices, and display.

·         Graphing calculators

Graphing calculators are gearing towards careers like engineering, architecture, and science like physics or math.

Graphing calculators are the most complete, expensive, and difficult to use.

After all, they have many more options, so the learning curve is higher, and the investment is too.

In addition to taking advantage of their computational potential.

In that case, you will visualize functions, develop algorithms, and execute them to solve laborious equations.

What system of notation used in the Calculator?

It is prevalent to find the notation “VPAM” (or SVPAM or Natural-VPAM) silk-screened on the Calculator case.

These acronyms refer to Visually Perfect Algebraic Method, Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method, respectively.

The VPAM system allows you to write mathematical expressions in a more standardized and more understandable way for users.

For example, to write the cosine of 45 degrees, you would press the keys “cos” “4” 5 ” =, “while in older calculators, you would type” 4 “5 “cos ” =. ”

This system’s evolution is SVPAM, which allows you to display expressions and results simultaneously thanks to showing two lines simultaneously.

It also allows you to make modifications on the fly.

How to find the ideal Calculator?

Several aspects must be analyzing at the time of purchase.


Price is a critical factor, but the cheapest option is not always the best option for you.

In addition to looking at the Calculator’s price, one must consider the cost-benefit that it offers.


You need to know the configuration of the Calculator and the functions it offers.

This is essential to learn more about the product you are purchasing.


It is necessary to pay attention to the Calculator’s warranty, as it is to be used only in the classroom.

This is a product that will be using for many years, and to avoid setbacks with the merchandise, it is necessary to acquire a good guarantee.

What to Consider while Buying a calculator?

Although there are calculators of many types, brands, and functions.

Although they can help us in our day to day in class so that we become familiar with their use and tools, they are prohibiting in exams.

The Most Comfortable and Durable

Calculators of whatever type are powered by batteries. Although they last a long time, nobody wants to run out of batteries in their Calculator in the middle of an exam.

It seems like a trivial detail, but choosing a calculator that has a solar panel can minimize this “tragedy” by stretching the autonomy of the batteries.

A Comfortable Screen

The display is one of the most critical aspects of the Calculator.

We can find calculators with single-line displays up to models with multi-inch color panels.

While the one-line screens correspond to the most basic calculators.

Those with two lines will provide us with the vision of the operation we are carrying out.

The previous result is beneficial for calculation complexes carried out by any student since high school.

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