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What are the Types of Calculator? – Definition and Types

by The Digital Trendz
What are the Types of Calculator? – Definition and Types - 2021


The term Types of Calculator has two well-extended meanings in the Spanish language.

On the one hand, a calculator is defining as the device or apparatus that uses a lot to do essential arithmetic exercises.

And also, Such as subtraction, division, multiplication,  and addition, among many others.

Such as obtaining percentages and the square root, to mention some common examples.

The Types of Calculator is undoubtedly an instrument that has made calculations much more comfortable and faster for the human being.

By simply pressing the buttons related to the numbers plus the operation to be performed.

And also, It is likely less than a second the result of any arithmetic practice.

What are the Types of Calculators?

Types of Calculator are

1.     Basic calculator

The basic calculator  (pocket or desk) is the most common type and originating in every home.

And also, It is perfect for performing basic math tasks.

Typically, this calculator comes with only a few functions and a one-line LED display.

And also, Your indication is for personal use.

2.     Windows Calculator

It is one of the applications that Windows has.

Therefore, it is integrated by every computer that works under this kind of operating system.

And also, It is using to perform different calculations, be they simple or complex.

3.    Portable calculator

The calculator is a device that performs arithmetic operations on numbers.

And also, The most straightforward calculators can only do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

More sophisticated calculators can handle exponent operations, roots, logarithms, trigonometric functions, and hyperbolic functions.

And also, Internally, some calculators perform all of these operations by repeated addition processes.

4.     Scientific calculator

The scientific calculator provides a wide range of conversions, statistics, and advanced scientific data planning.

This calculator offers a multitude of functions for general mathematics, engineering, algebra, and statistical data.

To make more complex accounts, it makes use of a notation system for algebraic calculators.

And also, The types of scientific calculators you can check in the next topics.

5.     Office calculator

And also, They consist of the devices used to solve specific accounting calculations.

Therefore, they are always in companies, businesses, and various administrative and accounting areas.

6.     Euro-calculators

They are known as currency calculators.

And also, They are devices with which a specific currency’s value can be exchanging for euro or vice versa.

7.     Desktop calculators

Also called accounting calculators, it is an electronic device with which a result is giving to accounting calculations.

8.     Printing calculator

The printing calculators are more practical (and cheaper) than computers that require systems and a separate printer.

And also, In addition to displaying the result on a screen, these calculators print the works on paper.

The indication will depend on the printing speed.

  • 5 to 2.1 lines per second: used for home use or little use of the printer;
  • 4 to 2.9 lines per second: used in companies or for domestic use, is indicated for a medium-speed typist, as it does not support constant use;
  • And also, 5 to 4.1 lines per second: used by professionals who need a fast and robust calculator.

9.     Financial Calculator

A financial or business calculator performs financial functions commonly needed in business and commercial communities.

The most common operations are

  • simple interest
  • compound interest
  • cash flow
  • amortization
  • conversion
  • And also, cost, sale, margin, etc.

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