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What is an AC Adapter? – About, Work, Features and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is an AC Adapter? – About, Work, Features and More - 2020


The AC adapter is a box attached to a power cord, where the device plugs into a wall outlet or in middle of a power cord.

The abbreviation AC stands for Alternating Current and is used to describe the electrical currents used to carry energy from power plants to homes and businesses.

When drawn, these alternating currents show up as rising and falling waves.

These currents do not flow with a constant value in only one direction but instead alternate between two directions, forward and backward.

Many devices in your home depend on this for their power source.

Laptops, cell phones and cordless phones, digital frames, music equipment, video game consoles, among others.

Technology has brought us into an era where AC adapters will become universal for all electronic devices.

How does an AC Adapter Work?

To summarize, an AC adapter converts the electrical current received from the electrical outlet.

Generally, a lower alternating current that an electronic device can use.

Inside this they are two coils of wire that wrap around an iron core.

The first coil receives the 120 V alternating current from the socket and generates an electric field in the iron core.

The second coil converts the newly generated electric field into a smaller alternating current.

The resulting ac current measurement depends on the number of turns in the second coil relative to the number in the first.

If the second coil has half as many turns as the first, the resulting alternating current will be half the value that entered the adapter.

Therefore, if there were 100 turns in the first coil, the second should only have 50.

What are the Features of the AC Adapter?

It is commonly called a laptop charger, is used to provide sufficient power to operate the laptop for extended periods and to recharge the laptop’s battery.

When this fails to work, the laptop battery cannot charge, and the laptop cannot power on or operate unless the battery is sufficiently charged.

  • It is not able to charge the battery.
  • The AC adapter is not able to power on the laptop PC.
  • AC adapter LED is off.
  • The AC adapter type cannot determine.

This will prevent optimal system performance.

How to Use the AC Adapter?

  1. Installing the AC adapter
  2. Use the supplied AC adapter. Do not use the AC adapter of any other device.
  3. The supplied AC cord is exclusive for this camera. Do not use with any other device.
  4. Also, do not use the AC cord of another device on this camera.
  5. Connect the AC cord to the AC adapter. (Figure 1)
  6. Insert the AC cord until it stops.
  7. Connect the plug to the power outlet. (Figure 1)
  8. Connect it to the <DC IN 12V> terminal.
  9. When removing the AC adapter, always set the power switch to < > (standby) and check that the power-on lamp is off before removing it.

What are the Systems that can Connect to AC Adapter?

·         Speakers

The speaker can be powered by the  (supplied) or the built-in battery (rechargeable).

Charge the battery before using the speaker for the first time.

You can use the speaker by drawing power from the battery instead of the  by charging the speaker before use.

·         DC IN 12.5 V jack

Plug the adapter (supplied) into an outlet.

When you connect the speaker to an outlet via this, the system starts charging and the CHARGE indicator lights orange.

Charging time is about 4 hours * and the indicator turns off when the operation is complete.

·         Bluetooth

About 8 hours.

The time indicated above may vary depending on the ambient temperature or the conditions of use.

When the charge indicator flashes slowly in orange, the battery is low and needs to be charged.

In this state, the speaker cannot provide power to other devices.

If the CHARGE indicator flashes 3 times in orange and turns off when the speaker is turned on, the battery is exhausted and needs to be charged.

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