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What is Pendrive? – Definition, Work, Uses, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is Pendrive? – Definition, Work, Uses, and More - The Digital Trendz


Pendrive refers to a memory of flash type connecting to another device via a port USB.

It is a small device that allows you to store digital data.

The Pendrive was born in the mid- 1990s to replace the floppy disk, until then the most popular medium for storing data.

As its storage capacity and transfer speed increased, the Pendrive grew in popularity and competed against the resources that replaced the floppy disk ( CD-ROM and DVD-ROM ).

What is the Work of Pendrive?

USB Flash memory drives, better known as pen drives.

They are currently one of the most used electronic devices for transferring and storing all kinds of information.

It is mainly due to the read-write speed they can reach, their small size, and the large storage capacity they provide.

In addition to these characteristics, pen drives also have other uses such as support for installing operating systems and even boot disks for a PC.

All-Flash technology is a derivation of EEPROM type memories,  and they were born in 1984 from Fujio Masuoka.

After that, they evolved to become the well-known pendrive, one of the most used gadgets by Mac users, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

Its market penetration is so significant that in a relatively short time.

The Pendrive has almost wholly displaced other storage units such as CDs and DVDs.

This mainly because this type of optical drive cannot be re-recording for reuse.

Of course, Amen is a low capacity for Flash memory, which is already around Tb.

What are the Uses of Pendrive?

when it comes to PCs, the little devices are using for some other things such as

  • We can carry data from one site to another.
  • Make backup copies.
  • Speed ​​up the PC by creating a RAM Drive.
  • Speed ​​up Windows startup by using it with the ReadyBoost application.
  • To music in the car, if it has a USB port.
  • Please make a backup copy of the games saved on a console or connect it to the TV and watch movies.

Why is it called a Pendrive?

A pen drive is a portable storage device that allows us to carry information from one PC to another or even to safeguard backup copies of the same PC.

Trek Technology and IBM in 2000 invented the first generation of these devices.

The first drives were sell under the DiskOnKey brand with 8, 16, 32, and 64 MB (Megabytes).

They were advertising as “the true replacements for floppy disks” that were the removable drives of that time, whose capacity was barely 1.44 MB.

In fact, early designs used built-in batteries instead of using the power provided by the PC’s USB port.

What are the Characteristics of Pendrive?

We all know the shape of these devices: small, portable, with a USB connector.

The design can then vary greatly, and many of these devices hardly occupy more than the connector itself.

In any case, the fundamental characteristic that a pen drive has to be considering.

It has a non-volatile flash storage space, which retains the data, and has an integrated USB connector.

The characteristic that gives it its name «pen» is that it has that elongated shape, similar to a pen.

Although as we have said before, its forms are currently quite varied.

What is the Storage capacity and format of the Pendrive?

Being small and large in capacity, it already marked the death of nostalgic old 3.5-inch floppy disks.

CDS tried to replace floppy disks,  but their portability and practicality are less than that of the Pendrive.

Today there is no portable medium as fast for recording and reading data as is a Pendrive, which made it famous very quickly.

It is believe that the term Pendrive has been given to it because the first portable device with flash memory was similar to a pencil (“pen” in English).

How to Care for a Pendrive?

Cautions to avoid problems with a Pendrive

1.      Choice of device

for heavy use

2.      Serious pendrive

About a dozen renowned manufacturers of pendrives apply true quality control.

On the other hand, there are much more, less known, whose care in the production process is unknown.

Currently, the pen drives are already offering as business gifts, with the company logo engraved.

If we want to save important information on your Pendrive, choose a model dedicated only to store data from a consolidated manufacturer in the market.

Whoever uses less reliable equipment must be prepared to pay for the consequences of their choice.

Be careful when connecting a pendrive, it is fragile.

Flash memory can be using for five years or more.

The average life of a Pendrive is greater than that of a conventional hard disk.

The memory chip is mounting on a printed circuit, to four contacts of the USB connector are soldered.

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