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6 Awesome Gadgets to Help Improve Your Health

by The Digital Trendz

Keeping healthy is important for fighting off medical conditions and living independently for longer. However, taking action isn’t always easy without the right tools and motivation. Fortunately, thanks to innovative technology, we have access to plenty of gadgets designed for improving health. You will find health apps for smartphones, wearable tech, air purifiers, and much more – continue reading got more information.


The first smartwatch was released in 2004, in the shape of the Microsoft SPOT. Since then, the smartwatch market has boomed and every manufacturer in the smart space has jumped on the bandwagon. No matter what your budget is, there’s a smartwatch out there to suit. Naturally, the Apple Watch Series has become the most popular on the market, but they come with a hefty price tag like everything else that comes from Apple.

Manufacturers aside, modern smartwatches are essentially smartphones worn on the wrist. They can sync up with Bluetooth headphones to play music, answer calls, or use smart assistance. You can pair your digital wallet and pay for products. Further, they discreetly monitor your health to provide insights into sleep patterns, step counts, heart rate, and much more.

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Diabetes traditionally meant a life of needle pricks to measure blood sugar levels. However, continuous glucose trackers (CGM) are becoming more commonplace. These devices attach to the skin, typically on the stomach or arm, using an adhesive surface and a small needle. Inside the patch, there’s a tiny wireless transmitter that’s capable of sending real-time information to a smartphone app. The interface can be set up to alert users when their levels reach dangerous levels, meaning issues can be caught before a trip to the hospital is needed.

Stress Relief Bands

If left unchecked, stress levels can easily take their toll and lead to depression and other medical conditions. The Apollo Neuro Stress Relief Band is worn around the wrist and uses subtle vibrations to rebalance the nervous system. Essentially, it helps you become more resistant to adverse stress levels. The goal of this product is to improve sleep quality, help anxiety recovery, and keep people focused on their current tasks.

Air Purifiers

Fresh air is great for the body, even if you don’t suffer from any allergies. Air purifiers are simple but effective — they’re essentially fans with a filter. Stale air is drawn in, filtered, and released back into the environment. There are many different models out there that suit all budgets, but we recommend investing in a model that’s made to last.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Keeping track of blood pressure used to be difficult but now there’s the QuardioARM, which wraps around the upper arm and transmits data to a smartphone app. As well as detecting diastolic and systolic blood pressure, it’s capable of noticing any heartbeat irregularities. Once the data has been collected, users can send information to their doctor at the touch of a button, which saves unnecessary appointments.

Mobile Health Apps

According to Bankmycell.com, 83.32% of the global population owns a smartphone, meaning practically anyone can access mobile health apps. They come in many shapes and sizes, from simple health tracking to all-in-one fitness suites – like Chris Hemsworth’s Centr. These apps don’t need additional hardware. However, many of them are enhanced by using fitness trackers and other wearables.

Take Away

There are countless awesome gadgets out there for improving your health, and they don’t cost too much. No matter what your health requirements are, you will find a gadget that will help you achieve your goals.

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