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What is Honda Electric Scooter? – About, Plans, Features and More

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What is Honda Electric Scooter? – About, Plans, Features and More


Honda Electric Scooter, presented almost a year ago, at CES 2018 held in Las Vegas, the PCX Electric

An electric scooter that, during these months, has completed its development and has gone into production.

The company plans to make just 250 units a year for now.

In addition to their private rental in Japan, these destined for a shared electric scooter service in Tokyo will become operational early 2019.

According to the company, Honda’s initial objective is to collect data on PCX Electric’s usability from users’ experience, opinions, and requirements.

What are the Plans for Honda Electric Scooter?

Honda plans to lease and sell the PCX Electric in the Philippines as part of an energy harness pilot project.

The PCX Electric is base on the popular combustion PCX. Compared to it, the PCX’s electric version has a greater distance between its axes, increasing the space available to incorporate the batteries.

Honda plans to make just  250 units a year for now. In addition to private rental in Japan, there is a shared electric scooter service in Tokyo, which will become operational early 2019.

According to the company, Honda’s initial objective is to collect data on the usability of the PCX Electric from users’ experience, opinions, and requirements.

Honda plans to lease and sell the PCX Electric in the Philippines as part of an energy harness pilot project.

The separation of the axles has forced to change the seat’s length and the engine’s location, which in the electric version is further back.

The front-wheel incorporates the ABS to prevent the brakes from locking.

What are the Features of Honda Electric Scooter?

Each scooter equips two interchangeable 48V lithium-ion batteries connected in series, with a capacity of 1.03 kWh each.

According to the manufacturer, at a constant speed of 60 km / h, the PCX can travel 41 kilometers with each charge.

Batteries offer different charging times if this operation is carrying out inside the motorcycle or removed to connect them to a power outlet.

If they remain inside the electric scooter and are charging through the cable, the process takes approximately six hours.

However, outdoors the time for a full charge can be shortening to four hours.

The automotive industry is the one that is taking the most significant role today in electric mobility.

The same is not the case with two-wheelers, who are being much more conservative.

The case with the  Honda PCX Electric is the latest novelty from the Japanese manufacturer based on its popular PCX high-wheel scooter.

What are the Sales of Honda Electric Scooter?

One of the biggest successes in the two-wheeler range, with sales of more than 140,000 units in Europe.

The electric version of the PCX maintains the same formula of its success: robustness, economy, modern design, and compact dimensions.

Only this time, it has an electric motor that is powered by two removable 0.9 kWh batteries.

That can be easily replaced by others that are already charged or charged at home from a standard connector.

According to the manufacturer, at a constant speed of 60 km / h, the PCX can travel  41 kilometers with each charge.

What is the Battery System of Honda Electric Scooter?

This battery system results from collaboration.

To prepare for its entry into the increasingly competitive zero-emission motorcycle market.

Honda will partner with Panasonic to create portable batteries called Mobile Power Packs.

These cell packs, suitcase format, will allow the vehicle to recover its autonomy by changing the battery that takes just a few seconds.

Or charging the storm at home without parking the motorcycle at home.

A path that other manufacturers such as Silence have followed.

Its permanent magnet electric motor’s peak power is 4.2 kW (5.6 hp), although the continuous operation’s nominal performance is 0.98 kW.

The instrument panel shows the electrical system’s information, with indicators of speed, autonomy.

And battery charge status when running and indications about the recharging process when it is connecting to the electrical network.

What are the Benefits of Honda Electric Scooter?

The Honda Smart Key system allows the driver to unlock the main switch button by merely approaching the PCX Electric without using the key.

A few months ago, Honda started sales in Japan of the hybrid version of the PCX.

Which is also grounding on the combustion version, ing an electric motor that helps propel the vehicle at times of greatest power need.

Honda isn’t the first to put the battery in a low position.

The Energy AppScooter had curved batteries located on the floor.

It seems to be reflected in the field of automobiles, in this case, more in the short term.

However, issues such as the weight and volume of current batteries is a more secondary obstacle.

When it comes to a car than when we transfer it to a motorcycle or scooter.

As for Honda models, the first electric motorcycle was the 2010 EV-neo.

The battery was rechargeable and could be plugging into a household power source.

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