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What is PAN Card?-Definition, Importance, Types, and More

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What is PAN Card?-Definition, Importance, Types, and More

What is PAN Card


The PAN or card range is that the descriptor for ” Personal Account Number.”

It is nothing apart from the amount that seems on the face of payment cards, whether or not they measure credit, debit, virtual, or paid.

It always consists of sixteen digits whose means are as follows: the PAN’s primary seven numbers correspond to its identification.

Permanent Account range of PAN could be a means that of numerous distinctive taxpayers within the country.

PAN could be a 10-digit distinct identification alphameric range (containing each alphabet and numbers) allotted to Indians, principally to those that pay tax.

The PAN system of identification could be a computer-based system that assigns distinctive identification to each Indian tax-paying entity.

What is the Importance of PAN Card?

PAN Card is vital for taxpayers because it is crucial for all money transactions and is employed to trace the influx and outflow of your cash.

It’s necessary once paying taxation, receiving tax refunds, and receiving communication from the taxation Department.

What are the Types of PAN Card?

PAN cards square measure issued to totally different tax-paying entities.

Supported that, the categories of PAN are:

  • PAN Card for Indian people
  • This Card for Indian corporations
  • PAN for Foreign voters

What are the Advantages of PAN card?

Since PAN Card contains info like Name, Age, and photograph, it will be used throughout the country as a sound identity proof.

PAN is that the very best thanks for keeping track of your tax payment.

Otherwise, you would possibly be needed to pay it multiples times since your tax payment can not be verified.

Since PAN is exclusive for each entity, its misuse is impossible for nonpayment functions or different devious means.

PAN Card will be wont to avail utility connections like electricity, telephone, LPG, and net.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of PAN Card?

Fill all told the small print as per the identity and address proof documents you’re submitting.

Get your thumb impression documented by a Magistrate/Notary before submitting the shape to avoid disqualification.

Write the complete address and supply correct contact details within the type.

Fill out the form in capital letters.

Don’t build corrections or over-write anyplace on the shape.

Do not use initials within the name or family name columns.

Do not apply for a replacement PAN card if your current PAN card is lost/stolen/defaced. Request for a reproduction PAN instead.

What happens if you do not have a PAN Card?

If your financial gain falls within the taxable  bracket, not having a card would result in:

Flat half-hour tax on your earnings and wealth, as stipulated by the taxation Department of an Asian country.

This rule applies to people, corporations, and every entity eligible for tax, together with foreign nationals and corporations registered outside Asian countries.

Not having the ability to buy a car, get unmovable property price over Rs. 10 lakh, or open a checking account, among different activities.

Businesses are unable to conduct an outsized chunk of their money activities and procural.

*Please note that these rules might include modification once Aadhaar and PAN become interchangeable.

What are the Documents needed to use for a PAN Card?

To use for it, you’ll submit some documents together with type 49A or 49AA.

Given below is that the list of documents you’ll offer whereas applying for a PAN Card:

If you’re a private somebody

Proof of identity like Aadhaar, Voter ID, license, etc.

Proof of address like a utility bill, water bill, checking account statement, statement of your Mastercard, Passport, license, Domicile certificate issued by the govt, certification of the wedding, matric certificate, etc.

If you belong to a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)

You will submit an Associate in Nursing legal document issued by the Karta of the HUF.

The legal document should mention the name, address, and each coparcener’s father’s name.

If you belong to HUF and are separately applying for a PAN Card, you’ll submit the proof of identity, proof of address, and date of birth proof.

The standing of your Card will be checked online when you have got submitted the applying for it.

The application standing can show you whether or not the cardboard has been issued or is in transit.

How will be the Allotment of PAN Card?

Once you submit your PAN application with the filled-up type and supporting documents, the PAN Centre verifies it against the initial documents.

For the online method, you wish to submit the shape online and send self-attested photocopies of the documents to NSDL, Pune.

Assessing Officers assess the applying details.

Your details are cross-verifying against the small print of existing PAN Cardholders within the central information.

In case there’s no record of a previous PAN assigning to you, then the request is accepting and processed.

A PAN is transferring to you as per your payer classification.

What is the Structure of PAN Card?

As per the rules of apprehending Your client or KYC, the small print well-found on a PAN card square measure as follows:

1) Name of the cardholder

2) Father’s name of the cardholder

3) Date of Birth of the cardholder

4) 10-character alphameric Permanent Account range or PAN

5) Signature of the cardholder

6) Photograph of the cardholder

7) This conjointly comes with the emblem and holograph of an Asian country’s govt in conjunction with a tag of the taxation Department (ITD).

Understanding the Permanent Account range (PAN)

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