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DJayodhya. Club Health

DJayodhya. Club Health - 2023

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DJAYODHYA.CLUB HEALTH: Hello friends, in today’s article, I will express to you what health is, so today we will explain to you its whole meaning, that too in Hindi, so this post is for you, so let us tell you about it, the capital of an excellent healthy human life. That is, if you are healthy, then you will be able to do good work. Due to a healthy body, you can give your best performance in every position.



A healthy body is an essential chapter in a happy life. Man needs to bring patience and satisfaction in his life. We often think that money can give us happiness, but a rich man is not happy. He has to maintain his status so he does not sleep through the night, sleeplessness and snatches away his happiness.

To stay healthy, one should give up junk food, eat as little oil-cooked food and a protein-rich diet as possible, and consume all those vegetables and fruits containing vitamins and minerals. Eat primarily natural and healthy food. If you have digestive problems, eat boiled food and eat it little by little, it gives you satisfaction.

You should avoid eating outside food and eat pure food at home. Work hard to make a healthy routine and enjoy good food, take restful sleep, always drink purified water, eat and sleep at the prescribed time, and it will give you a healthy life.

What is Health?

Health is essential in human life. If the human body is healthy, he can achieve his purpose in life. It is the best capital of human life. According to ‘One Healthy Thousand Niyamat,’ health is wealth one can attain four Purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha if one lives good healthy life.

So you can find the basis of all happiness. You can buy any item with money, but you can never buy good health. Suppose you have everything in the world, but what will you do if you don’t have good health? If you have good health, it is helpful to you in such a situation.

So you can quickly get anything in the world, use it, and take advantage of it. Money has no value in front of good health. There has been no emphasis on the importance of health since ancient times, Nutritious food for physical fitness. An anxious life requires proper rest and adequate exercise.

What should one avoid for a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle includes many things, including a nutritious diet, daily exercise, adequate sleep, being happy and positive thinking. Our life is on the right track when we do all the necessary elements for a healthy lifestyle. Also you must live healthy life that makes you happy and feel good about your present and future.

Once you choose to live a healthy life, it makes your life complete. It helps you live longer and is better and less inclined to to illness and diseases, leading to a healthy lifestyle. There is a lifestyle that we should all struggle for.

We know that many bad habits affect our healthy lifestyle. These habits can cause great harm not only to the body but also to society. Apart from this, these habits are also the cause of many evils in the community.

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Depression

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  • Managing Depression is very difficult nowadays.
  • Lifestyle changes to manage Depression.
  • Sleep well as a good sleep reduces stress and keeps your mind fresh and cheerful also.
  • Exercise often as exercise helps to release a natural anti-depressant.
  • Eat healthy to avoid food rich in sugar and fructose. also, avoid cooked and processed foods.
  • Prepare yourself, as it will make you feel good about yourself.
  • Talking to people and having a good social circle of friends helps people fight against Depression better.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Keep yourself busy to avoid negative thoughts from crawling into your mind.
  • Do things you like to keep yourself happy.
  • Avoid negative company.
  • Help others that will make you feel good about you
  • Write a journal to keep track of your fight against Depression.
  • Speechless negative thoughts
  • Look for positive things, even in difficult situations.
  • Accept that Depression can decline.

What is Djayodhya? Club

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On the other hand, despite general complacency that the public health job done, public concern is mounting over new health problems: toxic substances in air, water, and food; cancer and heart disease; drug abuse and teenage pregnancy; AIDS. Excitement about new health threats often leads to laws, regulations, agencies, and appropriations that bypass the”old” public health. Action is necessary, but the traditional channels are broadly regard as inappropriate. Thus the dilemma faced by public health is how to take on new challenges while continuing its work to contain long-existing problems.

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