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Meet the Shotcallers: Captains Leading LEC and LCS Teams to Victory

by The Digital Trendz
Meet the Shotcallers: Captains Leading LEC and LCS Teams to Victory

Combat games such as League of Legends involves teams of five players competing against each other. In a parallel to real life battles, each team depends on outstanding leadership to lead them through the intense matches they are about to play. The role undertaken by captains is vitally important. They make final decisions on strategy, organize team members, and provide moral boosting lectures to ensure everyone plays to the best of their abilities.

Most Famous Captain in the LEC

One of the most successful LoL teams in the LEC is G2. The outfit is well organized, playing with great coordination and understanding of their respective strengths. The team has been victorious in four LEC tournaments and two Worlds Championships. Highly organized, the team continues to be a dominant force in LoL. Much of their recent success is due to the exceptional leadership of the team captain, Rasmus “Caps” Winther.

Profile of Caps

Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther was born in Denmark in 1999. He has gained fame through his exceptional leadership skills. Caps became a professional esports player for Fnatic in 2016. Three years later, Caps left for G2 and has since helped the team become feared throughout the LEC. Caps provides reliable, strong leadership throughout intense matches. He inspires his team to maintain lines of effective communication as they execute their plans to perfection.

LCS Captain Provides Strength

Team FlyQuest was established as a LoL team in 2017 and is currently based in Los Angeles. The team initially included players such as Altec and lemonNation. FlyQuest made a great impression on the LCS from the beginning. Although the team has only competed at the highest level for a few years, it has already reached the final of the LCS three times and progressed to a Worlds Championship. The team currently looks to Bwipo for its leadership.

Who is Bwipo?

Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau is of Polish and Belgian heritage. He was born in 1998 and became a professional LoL player for Team Fnatic in 2017. After four years playing in the LEC, Bwipo moved to Team Liquid in the North American LCS. Bwipo then switched to FlyQuest in 2023. He has performed the role of captain while maintaining his top laner duties. Bwipo inspires his team members through his relaxed, but determined style of play. In spite of the intense pressure of tournaments, he is often seen laughing and enjoying the process of playing LoL.

How Captains Affect Tournaments

Every team in esports needs the services of an inspirational captain. It is through the captain’s leadership that team members feel motivated to produce their best performances. The LEC and the LCS have exciting seasonal tournaments providing teams with the opportunity to qualify for the most prestigious event of all, the Worlds. Discover how captains influence team play in the 2024 LCS schedule.

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