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How Virtual Office Operates as a Registered Business Address for a Real Estate Startup

by The Digital Trendz
Virtual Office

Virtual Office – A virtual office comes with a number of benefits  for realtors, entrepreneurs, small businesses especially for those who work from home or working without commercial premises. Virtual office can work as a registered business address if it meets the legal state requirements. Using a virtual office as a registered workspace is a practical and affordable solution for limited liability companies and real estate businesses, which enables it to  create an authoritative company image, protect home addresses from public exposure and meet the ever-changing needs of small and medium enterprises. In recent years, we have seen an intermingling of home and office with the development of virtual offices. The virtual space is a single work environment that is shared by different people or business startups. These premises are usually cheaper than renting an entire office, so even startups, small businesses, proprietors, freelancers as well as self-employed people can rent them. Real estate problems are resolved if resources are allocated at a fair price. The advantages of virtual offices over other types of offices have led to several expansions in the real estate industry in recent years.

What is a Registered Business Address?

The registered address or registered office is considered the corporation’s official address for sending and verifying official government correspondence and other business emails. This commitment is a common option for companies that do not have physical rental space but must provide an official business address. A real local address is a common requirement for corporate offices. The choice of an address or registered office can prevent companies from renting out properties as needed.

Legal Significance of Registering Business with a Virtual Office

While registering a virtual office with a virtual address, you have to ascertain and ensure all the legal prerequisites are duly met.

Learn more on Using a Virtual Office as a Registered Business Address.

Once registered, a monthly or annual affordable service fee allow you to secure your address, forward emails to your business contacts, and scan all your official legal mail or documents. Estimated postage and volumes vary by country and vendor. For example, there may be a fee for 1-5 formal letters per month, a higher fee structure if you expect to receive more documents, and so on.

What is Needed to Register Your Business with Virtual Office Address?

To register your business with a virtual office, the address used must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. One of the most important steps when registering a business is figuring out where your company will be located. The address must be located in the same country from where your business is getting legal status.
  2. It must be a physical location where public and state can easily contact you and  where you can receive legal mail or court summons.

3.This should not be a post office box unless you include the full address and postal code of the actual building.

A Registered Virtual Mailing Address is not a Trading Address

Virtual offices provide mailing address but it must not be confused with commercial or trading address, the address where physical businesses are actually located and working from. At a virtual address, you can only register your company and do not do business from that location in actual.

Registered Virtual Office Address is More Than Just an Address

British writer William Hazlitt put it this way: “First impressions are often the most accurate”. A virtual registered office address makes a great impression. First impressions are especially important if your business is in the nascent stage. When someone first discovers your company and sees your address legally registered at some fancy location even if you actually work from the comfort of your house, it makes them to trust your business as some serious company and choose your services more often. Think about the benefits this will give you in the present state of competition. A registered business address service can help you make fortunes and establish your startup in the market. In this way, a registered virtual offices provide significant savings as you do not need to own space and can receive services to your mailing address for a small monthly subscription. A virtual office is more than just an address as it can serve as a registered office like a physically established business, but has a wider range of services that can be accessed remotely without having to rent a physical office space.

Services You Can Avail by Registering Your Business as a Virtual office

The types of services provided by virtual office providers are:

  1. Registered business office and service address with a business phone number.
  2. Receiving and forwarding mails and legal notices sent by state.
  3. Dedicated office working space with meeting rooms and video conference facilities.
  4. A live receptionist and  call  answering services.
  5. Voicemail forwarding and / or after hours

Since the virtual offices are remote, there are no geographic restrictions and there is no need to work in person or visit a physical building. Most of virtual office companies have premises in different cities, states and countries due to their networks, so you can use the space anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, your company is always in a certain place, so you can answer calls and focus on your day-to-day activities and growing your business.

In short, getting a legal status with a virtual office is an ideal solution for anyone starting a business as they cut down costs on the paperwork which you have to do decide to register your business. No wonder why virtual offices are becoming a new favorites of business start-ups in real estate industry, as well as other businesses.

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