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Games For The Brain, Is Mahjong Good For You?

by The Digital Trendz

-Do you find it difficult to conduct your Study?

-Are you forgetting information extremely fast?

-Do you feel from within that you need some sort of Brain training?

Brain Games are extremely good so far as hurling resistance against, cognitive failures, short-term memory losses, concentration issues, and other complexities. 

The efficacies of Brain Game are now clinically investigated and positives are emanating out. Mahjong is one of the brain games that is touted to offer multiple benefits to an individual. 

This game could be played online and it could be downloaded from thepirateproxybay.com.

Therefore we have decided to conduct a thorough study and evaluation of Mahjong to see how effective or not the game promises to be for you?

Stats And Facts On Mental Health

That the Mental health among the US population reaches alarming conditions is not hidden.

  1. According to a study 1 out of every 5 (20%) persons have some kind of diagnosable mental illness. 
  2. It is also studied that around 123 people in the USA die every year due to suicides.
  3. It is an alarming fact that around a 5.8million people in the United States have Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.
  4. This also includes 5.6 million aged 65 plus category. 
  5. According to critical observation, around 10% to 15 % of individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment go on to develop Dementia every year. 

Brain Games  

Brain Games are deemed highly effective in combating cognitive impairments. These games provide your brain with the necessary practice that is sure to bring out positive development  in you. 

There are certain Brain games that are proven to be highly effective and they include:

  • Sudoku.
  • Tricky Test 2. 
  • Left vs Right: Brain Game for Brain Training.
  • Chess.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles. 
  • Mobile App Games.
  • Mahjong.

Is Mahjong Good For You ????

Studies vindicate the fact that Mahjong is a highly effective game for keeping a  good state of mind. It is recommended for all ages, especially the elderly so that it keeps their brain healthy. 

One needs cognitive skills to play the very game. Experts inferred many advantages of playing these games.

Increasing IQ?

People have been traditionally playing the very game to improve their cognitive skills. 

The game acts as a veritable brain booster and it is found effective in charging your brain. The game unquestionably improves your brain function for sure. 

Dementia….Go Home !!

Researchers in Japan in the year 2014 observed that playing Mahjong positively affected the brains of people.

According to a 2022 study it is found that playing the game reverses the progression of cognitive decline in an individual. 

Studies establish the fact that people actually benefited from mild to moderate dementia.

Improved Execution Function Among The Elderly People

A clinical study and inference were conducted on 56 elderly people at the North Sichuan Medical University. They were randomized into Mahjong and Cognitive Groups.

It was evaluated from the study that the people who engaged themselves in Mahjong for 12 weeks went on to improve their executive foundation. Mahjong slows and reverses mental health degradation.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination  

Playing Mahjong goes on to improve hand and eye coordination. Actually, the game goes on to train the reaction time of the player. 

Speed and Accuracy in matching the patterns of the tiles is a compulsion in the game. It is important because players who play on the wrong tiles are penalized for violating the rules of the game. 

Each Mahjong session involves four rounds of four games. This denotes an individual gets a round of repeated actions through continuous brain activity. 

This goes on to improve upon the fat finger-pointing ability of the player. Other than this the game goes on to be highly effective in strengthening concentration as well as benefit in short-term Memory. 

Mahjong—All Not Good!

Well, the sets are too heavy! a decent plastic set of tiles weigh around 3 kgs. How weird it would be to keep in a bag!

While playing this game by default much noise is created, near your table? This might affect your concentration.

There is no basic variant and it is common for all beginners. This is again not interesting. 

This involves complex calculations that are not possible for all to make. 

So What Did You Deduce ??

Well, everything in this world has its positives as well as negatives, and Mahjong is not an exception. 

There are some unbelievable, scientifically-proven benefits of playing this game. Other than this there are some grey areas but they are constructive enough to outweigh the positives. 

Therefore Mahjong clearly emerges as the antidote to Cognitive impairment and other mental complexities. 

So don’t get yourself let down, and start playing Mahjong right now!

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