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How to Succeed At Digital Marketing Using AI

by The Digital Trendz
How to Succeed At Digital Marketing Using AI

The AI revolution has arrived, and while some remain skeptical over its capacity as a creative helper, others are already using the latest tools to promote their products and services.

We will have to admit that AI tools still have a long way to go before they start disrupting entire workforces, but at the moment, we’re seeing more brands surrendering to waves upon waves of platforms.

The first sector to feel the brunt of its effects is digital marketing. AI has contributed immensely to businesses over the past two years, and it’s only getting started. With tools like Dall-E and ChatGPT leading the revolution, the possibilities are endless!

But as more and more brands start to adopt AI into their campaigns, breaking through the machine-generated noise has become more complicated than ever. Unless you’re using the right approaches to harnessing the powers of AI, you can never experience its full potential. Here’s a winning game plan to help you turn AI tools into your secret weapons:

Craft great content using the right prompts

The most basic way you can harness the powers of AI is to use tools like ChatGPT to create virtually any type of content imaginable. The latest wave of updates in the language model arena offers more sophisticated responses. In some way, these responses may also come off as human-like and with greater accuracy.

However, using AI is only as good as the prompts you’re using. You can’t expect these platforms to give you exactly what you want. In marketing, authentic brand messages are more likely to engage. When you ask ChatGPT to craft content for you, you will need to make sure you’re using the right prompts.

The good thing is that it’s easy to tell ChatGPT what to do just by adding more details to your prompt. You can ask the platform to use a more formal tone or an informal one. Responses can also come with emojis, especially if you’re creating seasonal content. Just be sure to edit or revise the responses so they align with your brand’s messaging and personality.

Conduct competitor research

AI can do more than just create great content for your social media pages and website. You can use it to analyze trends in your industry and get suggestions for your next digital marketing campaign. Currently, there is a growing number of AI-powered competitor research tools you can try that will help you see what you’re missing out.

Tools like Crayon and SEMRush offer machine learning features that identify trends and generate insights you can use as the basis for your marketing efforts. Using predictive analytics, these tools can help you zero in on keywords, hashtag variations, and topics you can bank on for several goals, including brand awareness and lead generation.

While using these tools, make sure you identify key trends and come up with a list of topics for future blog articles, slideshows, and even video content. You can even use AI to monitor your competitor’s activities, giving you a clear picture of how often they publish content and how their market responds to new products and services.

Create engaging videos

Writing copy and generating reports aren’t the only things AI is capable of doing. The plethora of new AI platforms on the market has brought in options for launching video marketing campaigns. Whether you are starting a podcast or launching a series of instructional YouTube videos, you can use multiple AI platforms to create quality videos.

If you are looking for a more accurate way to generate subtitles, you can use platforms like Animaker or VEED.io to prepare texts you can add to your videos. This will save you time without having to worry about inaccurate and awkward phrases.

You can also use an AI Video Generator to help you craft video content for various purposes, whether it’s to provide customer support or prompt new features or news about your brand. There is also a wide selection of AI platforms that can help you come up with custom animations.

Launch engaging email campaigns

When it comes to amplifying your sales conversions, you can always go right with using AI to plan, craft, and send emails to prospects and existing customers. You can use AI to come up with email marketing suggestions based on the goals you have set for the campaign. The right platform can also tell you the optimal time to send out cold emails and scrub your mailing list clean of incomplete and invalid email addresses.

In addition to that, you can also use AI to analyze the chances your emails will end up in the spam folder. When this happens, your email address’s reputation will take a beating and you may lose access to it. Before you schedule your next cold email, use AI tools that come with spam detection features.

It’s also possible to run your email campaign on autopilot. Tools like Driftemail and Smartwriter.AI can do more than just write highly converting newsletters. You can also use them to design drip campaigns that send out the right messages based on how your audience interacts with the content you produce. By using all these tools together, you will be able to build a powerful email marketing campaign with a high ROI.

Run web ads seamlessly

Your digital marketing campaign won’t be complete without investing in Google Ads. It’s a surefire way to raise your brand’s trustworthiness and generate more sales conversions. Along with using AI to craft short, highly converting ad copy, you can also use the platform to look for keywords that strike a healthy balance between cost-per-click and traffic.

Recently, Google announced that it’s adding generative AI to its suite of features offered to businesses. Using these features allows brands like yours to provide more information about your products and services through engaging, personalized ad content.

By maximizing AI in launching your online ad campaign, you will be able to engage your target audience with pinpoint accuracy. This will significantly reduce your lead acquisition costs and improve the effectiveness of your campaign.


There’s still a long way for AI to go before it becomes a ubiquitous part of marketing teams. However, for now, we only need to keep these tips in mind to see how valuable it has become everywhere.

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