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Common Causes of Georgia Personal Injuries

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Common Causes of Georgia Personal Injuries

Accidents and injuries are common in Georgia, but when you sustain injuries from an accident that is caused by someone else’s negligence, you may have grounds for a personal injury case. Personal injury accidents may happen in a vast array of situations, including while you’re on the road, at work, or even while doing your weekly grocery shopping. If the accident could have been prevented and the circumstances are clear that your injuries were caused by negligence, personal injury lawyer David Mann can represent you and help you get the compensation you deserve for expenses relating to the accident, such as loss of income, pain and suffering and medical expenses. Here are some of the most common causes of Georgia’s personal injuries.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are the most common cause of personal injuries. This type of case may include accidents involving trucks, cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians that have been injured by a motor vehicle. Injuries that are sustained in automobile accidents can range from minor injuries, such as bruises to severe injuries such as a brain injury or permanent paralysis. Unfortunately, automobile accidents may also be fatal. Studies have shown that fatal accidents in Georgia are due to negligence caused by driving under the influence, failing to yield the right of way, and drivers failing to stay in their lane.

Premise Liability

Premise liability, also known as slip and falls, can happen when you least expect it, such as slipping from a spill in the grocery store or tripping due to a change in the floor level while at the workplace. Slip and fall injuries happen due to the unsafe conditions of public or private property. When your injuries are the result of negligence from the property owner, the party that maintains the property and/or the property owner may be held responsible for your injuries that happened while you were on their property.

Animal Bites

Animal bites, particularly dog bites are an unexpected, bad experience; however, when the incident could have been prevented, it is much worse. The situation becomes even worse if there was negligence involved in how the bite happened. In this scenario, you may have the right to file a personal injury claim against the owner of the animal or another responsible party. There are about 1000 dog bites cases each day that require emergency medical attention, and often times the bite occurs to children.

Medical Malpractice

Each year in Georgia alone, there are thousands of medical mistakes made. Although not every medical mistake warrants a case of malpractice, it does happen quite often. Medical malpractice happens if the mistake falls under a variety of conditions, such as the medical provider failing to meet the standard of care which resulted in your injuries. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are negligent when they commit avoidable errors during surgery, fail to diagnose or misdiagnose or improperly administer or prescribe medications or they fail to monitor the status of recovery of a patient. Negligence of medical providers may lead to infections, birth defects, dangerous drug interactions, unnecessary surgeries, or possibly even death. If you suspect a medical mistake has been made, it is essential that you speak with a personal injury attorneypersonal injury attorney as soon as you are aware of or suspect the mistake.

Workplace Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents on the job are far too common. Workplace accidents often occur when workers come in contact with heavy objects or equipment, which may lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Workplace injuries can occur from a wide array of things, such as malfunctioning equipment in a factory to falling from heights in unsafe conditions. Those who work in construction industries or factories are often at a higher risk of being injured in a workplace accident. If you have been injured while doing your job, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Product Liability

When you purchase a product, you are under the assumption that the product is safe for use, but every year there are thousands of products recalled because they aren’t safe or may be unsafe if used. Products that most commonly result in accidents and injuries include toys, medicine, and food; however, there are many more products that may lead to unsafe use. If you have been injured by a product that you’ve obtained, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other expenses incurred relating to the defective product.

When injuries occur due to negligence, especially serious injuries and fatalities, extensive medical bills and other expenses occur. If the injuries you sustained are due to the negligence or direct actions of another party, you may be able to obtain compensation to cover these expenses. It is essential to understand the legal rights pertaining to your accident, particularly the statute of limitations, which means there is a time period in which you can file a claim. Your personal injury lawyer, David Mann will help you investigate the accident scene, conduct interviews, examine your medical records, and be your voice when negotiating with the insurance companies.

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