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What is the Intrapreneur Meaning? – Definition, Characteristics, and More

by The Digital Trendz
What is the Intrapreneur Meaning? – Definition, Characteristics, and More


The Intrapreneur meaning is the person who is part of a company whose primary function is the generation of ideas, proposals, and concrete initiatives within this organization.

In this sense, the intrapreneur works within a business and is responsible for manufacturing the ideas representing business opportunities for it.

This is how he differs from the entrepreneur in at least two directions.

The first one is that he is a salaried employee who does not work for his organization.

The second, that their ideas are putting to the benefit of said organization, not their own.

An intrapreneur meaning is a creative person, at the same time bold, with a business vision and, fundamentally, committed to the company.

What are the Characteristics of Intrapreneur?

  • Desire to improve
  • Future vision
  • Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Flexibility
  • Perseverance
  • Responsibility
  • Planning
  • Decision
  • Resolution

The intrapreneur meaning is the expert who carries out a new line of business or innovates within a company.

He is rewarding with a salary for having some responsibility for carrying out a project.

What are the Advantages of being an Intrapreneur?

Likewise, intrapreneurs have significant advantages over entrepreneurs.

  1. The first of these is that he is a professional whose idea will never start from scratch, even though it is truly innovative and novel.

This is because you carry out your ideas within an organization with infrastructure, so the cost and risk are reducing.

  1. In the same way, experts maintain that the main advantage of this professional is that he has at his disposal a great diversity of companies where he can present his project, thus finding a job opportunity.
  2. The trend confirms the change in attitude that professionals should not carry their curriculum but their projects when they enter an organization.

What are the Traits of Intrapreneur?

Certain traits are clearly defining the intrapreneur

1.      Critical Spirit

Intrapreneurs are critical people, capable of questioning established models, with a non-conformist attitude by nature.

However, your criticism’s purpose is always constructive and focuses on improving the current model to help achieve business objectives.

2.    Innovative mentality

They are creative and imaginative people, capable of generating different and innovative ideas that add value to the organization.

3.      Involvement and identification

They identify with the company, with its values ​​and culture, and, therefore, they feel that they have to add value to it beyond their daily work.

4.      Acceptance of failure

Unlike most people, intrapreneurs see failure as an opportunity to learn and draw positive conclusions.

Therefore, for them, it is nothing more than a component that can be part of any innovation process and, therefore, a factor that must be considering and accepted if the case arises.

5.      Proactivity

This attribute clearly defines their character since they do not wait for others to ask for something.

But they do it as an improvement when they have an interesting suggestion or contribution.

6.      Leadership capacity

Intrapreneurs are people capable of leading groups of people and directing them to the achievement of objectives.

They are references within the organization that often lead them to become opinion leaders.

7.      Continuous learning

They are people aware of the importance of continuous training to update and keep up to date with the latest developments in their sector, either from the organization’s hand, self-taught, or externally.

What is brought to a Company by an Intrapreneur?

  • The company gains in productivity and efficiency with the intrapreneurial figure.
  • Work dynamics adapt to the new market demands, thus reinventing those that are obsolete today.
  • This figure can motivate the company and generate a new atmosphere that stimulates the rest of the workers and thus generates better productivity.
  • It allows for investigating new fields and ways of business and entrepreneurial resources.
  • Passion and dedication for work are an incentive that adds value to the company, accelerates development and innovates with different solutions in uncertainty or the need for changes.

As an example, that passion and dedication translate into more motivation when getting the job done.

Being an innovative figure that is continuously changing and adapting, its evolution keeps pace with new technologies.

It is an excellent time to incorporate the intrapreneur and allow him to take full advantage of today’s technologies

What are the Rewards gained by an Intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurial workers must be rewarding, not only with the promotion or the specific position, which will already be a reward for them.

But also with recognition both at the salary level and within the organization.

These professionals tend to be highly involved with the company.

Who are passionate about new opportunities and who have specific skills, above the average of other workers, to take responsibility and bring to fruition a new initiative for which they will fight earnestly.

But there is another figure of intrapreneurs, which are those self-employed professionals.

Who supported by a company, carry out a specific innovative project within the company itself (it could be the dependent self-employed figure provided by the new legislation).

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