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Online Learning: A combined effort of Parents and Teachers

by The Digital Trendz
Online Learning: A combined effort of Parents and Teachers

Online Learning – Hustling through our everyday routine life to survive in the dynamics of the constantly changing social, cultural, and personal environment often takes us back to the childhood lane where things were magically made easy by our parents and teachers with their support and love. A child is like a beautiful plant that grows in the shadow of his elders at home and teachers at school. They work as allies to fuel the holistic development of the kids making them independent, disciplined, and capable of facing hardships. When we are with our grandparents and parents, they enrich our minds with the principles and values that run in the family whereas at school our teachers provide us with the worldly knowledge required to build a career in future. The constant combined efforts from parents and teachers play a significant role in the success of online learning.

In a traditional school setup, students and teachers interact with each other in classrooms and share knowledge on multiple topics. However, if teachers teach online, it eliminates physical contact between teachers and students by allowing them to connect through the Internet. For the overall development of a child in an e-learning portal, it is essential to ensure that there exists a mutual relationship between teachers and parents. While one works as a motivator at home where the kid spends most of his time, the other works as a guide for them. Both teachers and parents are like role models for children who look up to them for almost everything. The impact of a parent or a teacher is so strong in a child’s life that his entire personality gets crafted around their individual personalities. The mind of a child is like clay which forms impressions of all the things that they experience from others. If we shower them with love, they will develop an empathetic personality whereas if we fill their mind with hatred, they will become inclined towards negativity and inhumanity.

Whatever we have seen in our childhood or learned from our parents and teachers gets etched in our memory forever. In online learning portals, the need for parent-teacher connection is very crucial for child growth as they have to study through a teaching system that is completely new to them. A child grows well when parents get involved in his school life through regular interactions with his teacher. To help the kids to adjust to the new interface, it is important for parents and teachers to support them and provide them with an environment that suits their requirements. The content here will highlight the role of parents and teachers in online learning, have a look:

Salient Role of Parents and Teachers in E-learning

Effective Communication

A reliable two-way communication channel between teachers and parents can help fix all the problems in online teaching through mobile. Parents should be aware about their child’s growth in school whereas teachers should know about their routine life at home. This helps them to understand the child’s behavior easily. For a successful e-learning regime, it is essential for parents and teachers to communicate regularly. The school authorities should organize regular PTMs where teachers and parents can discuss the child’s growth and interests.

Collaborate as Team

Teachers know well about a child’s academic strengths and weaknesses whereas a parent is well-aware about their interests, thinking, and habits. In an online teaching app, it is necessary that parents and teachers develop a sense of understanding between themselves so that they can work as a team. Their efforts should be focused towards child growth and holistic development of his personality which can be achieved if they work together as a team. The joint efforts laid by parents and teachers will motivate the child and encourage him to follow the instructions given by elders.

Encouragement to Studies

In an in-person school, students are more inclined towards a disciplined routine set by the school teachers. However, in e-learning students get prone to a lenient learning structure that often makes them neglect their studies. It is important for parents to develop a habit of disciplined learning in their kid by encouraging him to study after the online classes too. Teachers should give engaging projects to students so that they can explore new things. Parents and teachers should help the kids in managing their studies in a virtual setup.

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