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What are the Basic Things which People should know about the Concept of the Number Line?

by The Digital Trendz
Number Line

Number Line – The number line is the visual representation of the numbers on the straight line and this particular line can be perfectly used in terms of comparing the numbers which have been placed at equal intervals on the infinite line which will be extending both sides horizontally. The number line can be perfectly used by people in terms of performing different kinds of operations like addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. When people will be moving on the right side of the number line, the numbers will increase and as the people will be moving towards left, the numbers will be decreasing.

How can People very easily Represent the Numbers on the Number Line?

Different types of numbers can be perfectly represented on the number line for example integers, rational numbers, fractions and phone numbers without any kind of problem.

The integers on the number line will be perfectly represented as:

On the number line, the integers will be marked at equal intervals and these will be categorised as positive numbers and negative numbers. Origin will be zero which will stand in the middle of the whole thing and to the right of zero there will be positive numbers and to the left of the zero, they will be negative numbers. Hence, the number line will be representing the integers which will be including positive and negative numbers in the whole process very easily.

Different kinds of operations can be easily performed by the people and some of those are explained as follows:

The fundamental of mathematics will always revolve around the four basic operations which will be division, multiplication, addition and subtraction and there will be several kinds of methods of representing such things as well.

  1. Addition: At the time of performing addition of the [number line] people can very easily move by counting one number at a time towards the right side so that there is no problem at any point in time.
  2. Subtraction: To perform this on the [number line], people can move by proper counting by moving one number at a time towards the left side so that overall goals are easily achieved.
  3. Multiplication: This is also known as the repeated addition to and to perform this people need to move towards the right side of the [number line] for a given number of times.
  4. Division: To perform division on a particular [number line] people will always need to move to the left side of the number line dividing a given number into equal groups.

Following are the points which the people need to know about this particular concept:

  • People can represent various numbers on the [number line] depending upon the requirements.
  • Number lines can even be used in real-life situations, for example- GPS device screen, measurement of height and several other kinds of things.

Hence, depending upon the platforms like Cuemath is the best way of ensuring that children will be having a good command over the concept of number names and number lines very easily.

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