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5 Resume Tips to Make an Impressive App Developer Resume in 2021

by The Digital Trendz
Impressive App Developer

App Developer – Application development has acquired the highest paid profession of 2021 in the United States. 

According to a recent study by Statista, software developers working as senior executives get an average salary of USD 177.5k per annum, making it one of the highest paying careers in the existing market scenario. 

However, getting a job as an app developer is certainly not a piece of cake. Given the competition in the tech industry, possessing some in-demand industry-relevant technological skills are all you need to get the desired job.

Apart from this, a well-organized and attractive resume also plays a vital role in the recruitment process as it helps you bypass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). 

Let us dig a bit more into how you can make your resume for an iOS developer interesting and land your dream tech job.

Resume Sections

A well-structured resume that showcases crucial elements and important information within an appropriate setting and a correct order can go a long way in capturing a recruiter’s attention.

Below are some key resume sections that can be used in every resume you build.

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Projects
  • Certifications
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Additional Information

These sections must be in sequence as per your experience level and job profile. For example, if certifications play a vital role then you must mention them above your education section. These sections will make your resume professional, attractive, and eye-catchy, which will help you in getting shortlisted.

The Right Format

To make a highly impactful app developer resume in 2021, you need to showcase all of your skills, education, and professional experience in an appropriate manner.

Using the right resume format will enhance your chances of being selected for your target profile. Here are 3 resume formats that will help you in curating your resume sections as per your educational experience:

  • Functional Format

This format aims at the skillset of a professional instead of the professional experience. You can craft a separate section named ‘summary of skills’ in this format to showcase your expertise in every skill. Professionals having a gap in their career can opt for this as the perfect resume format for their job hunt.

  • Reverse Chronological

It focuses on representing the information in reverse chronological order i.e. to display your skills and experience progressively. You can mention all of your recent achievements in this format. It is the best pick for individuals having no gap in their professional journey.

  • Hybrid Format

It can also be termed as a combinational format as it possesses features of both Functional and Reverse Chronological format. It allows you to pay equal attention to your professional experience and skill-set. You can showcase all the achievements of your previous profile along with the highlights of your current profile while using this resume format.

Use Keywords

With the up-gradation of technology, currently, most human resumes get filtered out by machines. Companies these days use ATS to filter out irrelevant or unworthy resumes for a smoother and less complex process.

To get through the ATS, Your resume must be filled with technical or niche-specific keywords. Being a machine, ATS will notice those keywords and your resume will be shortlisted without any hustle.

The job description of your target job is a great source for picking appropriate keywords to add to your resume. Another source is Google, where you can get almost every information available on this globe. Fill your resume with all those keywords to get maximum benefits in the recruitment process.

One Liner Bullet Points

Building your resume in an easy-to-understand language is also a key factor to get your desired job. Always remember that no one in this world wants to read lengthy paragraphs and put extra effort to understand what’s written.

Framing your information in one-liner bullet points will make your resume easily understandable and more attractive. Moreover, highlighting important information and keywords will also help you in giving it an appealing look.

Frame all of your bullet points with an interesting hook and always try to quantify your bullet points to make them look authentic. Showcase your task in STAR (S-Situation, T-Task, A-Action, R-Result) format to make a better impression in front of your recruiter.

Extra Certifications

There will be numerous aspirants struggling for the same position you are going to apply for. Hence, having extra certifications related to the profile will give you great benefits in the selection process.

Numerous online platforms offer you e-learning facilities from globally recognized institutions. Some of the e-learning platforms are Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn, edx, etc.

Any of these platforms can be leveraged to get an authentic online certification for your target profile. Having additional certifications will make you stand apart from the crowd and steal the limelight in your group.

Final Words

Building a professional app developer resume as per the current industry norms can be a tough task.

However, it can be nicely done with proper guidance and a pinch of mentorship. As a helping hand here are the major points to keep in mind while making your resume:

  • Choose the right resume sections and fill them with appropriate information
  • Fill your resume with technical keywords
  • Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs
  • Add additional qualities and certifications to get bonus points

These are some points you can follow to make your resume look better and keep you ahead in the rally of recruitment.

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